Part I: An Awful Day

There is nothing like waking up on a calm, warm Saturday morning to the sound of a loud, obnoxious pestering of that particular ringtone you chose for your bosses' number. Somehow all day yesterday I knew I would not have this Saturday off, it festered in the back of my mind and gripped me with a certain kind of pessimism like no other. He knew I loved my Saturdays off, but he also knew that I was good at what I do, very good. I guess that's the perks of working for Sanders Roach and Pest control. Nothing like taking care of filthy homes and stores, eradicating all manner of insect or rodent that dared even think of crossing across the slobs that call themselves owners of the establishment.

I rose from my bed eagerly and full of energy that a 42 year old man would have at 7 am on his off day. My gray jumpsuit zipped right up to my chest, and I combed my ash colored hair back and put on my best how do you do mr/ms pain in the ass. Now I won't bore you with the amazing details of my adventures in tidying myself up for work and such, I'll just get straight to the phone call that I missed and the mysterious details of my extra unpaid labor.

"Rodger good morning" said Mr. Sander happily through the morning. I could already tell this was going to be a fun day.

"Hello, sir, what do I owe the call for?" I asked with my best fake happy tone. He never could read past my excellent bullshit of eagerness that I exploded.

"Well I do hate to ask you but we got a new guy in today who has his first actual dispatch out, normally we would get one of the other guys to go out with him; but well how shall I put this." He paused "This is a big one, probably the biggest job yet and I don't want to scare him off with this one"-and here comes me the shining example of what a high school dropout should be- "So I thought it would be best to get the best out there with him to show him the ropes and get him going, Since you're off today of course I'll pay you overtime and you don't have to do much of the work. Just enough for him to get everything going, so what do you say." He asked with much eagerness.

I sighed and didn't give it a second thought, Of course, no way in hell did I want to go out of my way to train some runt on the biggest job yet, but the fridge was dangerously close to being empty and McDonald's does eventually get tired of me complaining. Also, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch a newbie bask in awe of my amazing way of killing pests.

"Sure, no problem. Need me to pick him up at headquarters?" I asked since we only have two vans. He told me yes and gave me the usual thanks and how wonderful of an employee I am and then we hung up. The sun was peering out from my old dusty white blinds and striking me in the eyes. That, and the tiredness, and the fact that I had not yet become accustomed to the light, made it painful, but I stared at it anyway in spite and laziness.
I knew today was going to be a fabulous day.