Dear Reader,

Before we start out on this epic adventure, I wanted to explain something. This story you're about to read is different from the other stories on Fiction Press. Any story published before 2017 is old, and not updated.

As we edited the Quirni series for Kindle [please support us on Kindle if you have a few dollars to spare or some kind words to review] we discovered that much of the story had to change. We added chapters, took chapters out, changed speech, and in some cases, even changed the general plot [you can read more about that on our blog].

With all of this change, we thought it was only right to share our new and improved version with you, our dedicated readers.

After all, our old story doesn't really show the best face of Quirni, and that's what we want to give you.

That being said, Quirni will be updated chapter by chapter as often as I can get on to update, and if you want to read ahead, you have that option on Kindle.

Now here's the catch. To avoid confusion, we are going to remove all of the old stories from Fiction Press.

We don't want people reading The Marrilian here, and then Enzus instead of Nigh thinking Enzus is still book two [it's not any longer. Book Two is now Nigh]. After the first book, all of the endings and beginnings of the books have changed, so if you jumped into Enzus without reading the original Marrilian, and you're not familiar with the stories, you won't see everything we've written.

So, for those of you reading this after we remove the old stories, Quirni is under the process of being updated.

We're going to update Quirni on Kindle and then update on Fiction Press.

For the most up to date information, follow our blog, Quirni, on Word Press.