I used to hear the bells of freedom

They were loud and proud and beautiful

Shining brighter than all the stars

And ready to ring out the song that all peoples know

The song of the love of freedom

Pride welled up in my heart and the hearts of many

We gladly pledged our allegiance to fight for the bells

Then traitors and liars laughed and planned to crush the bells of freedom

saying that they were saving them

Fools, betrayed themselves and their friends

A third of us fell, foolishly believing the traitors' "alternative" truths

We pointed out the lies with the light of freedom

They scorned us

They waged war

Refusing to right their wrongs

Pitifully clinging to their pride

The prideful ones and traitors

Won their war against the truth

Traitors destroyed those beautiful bells

Laughing in delight and the prideful cheered

They did not care about the results

Winning is what made them happy

Damn the consequences

Is this not abusing and deriding our and their own allegiance?!

Do not give up on saving freedom!

refuse to back down

She dies if we give up on her

Use your words, defend her!