He was stood in front of me, a hand fisting through his hair and his eyes fiery blue with anger. I was crying, I was aware of that and it hadn't been the first time I'd let my walls fall down in front of him- I knew it wouldn't be the last.

"You led me on!" I gritted through my teeth, I made a fool out of myself really, but I didn't have an ounce of worry left in my body. I was stripped bare of everything I had, he'd made me too raw and open and exposed. I felt like I was naked, I couldn't grab something to cover up with- he knew who I was.

"I thought it was clear we weren't ever going to happen," He told me so quietly that I could of missed it. "I didn't lead you on."

I was stunned into silence, everything I had once believed just slapped me back in my face. Everything I tried to deny raced up on me, fast. He was about to walk away, hands on his backpack straps like he always did when he felt awkward.

"I know about her," I called out to him, he stopped but didn't turn around. "I know that you date, that only certain people know about it. I know you don't show her off, but boy would she like to show you off."

My tears were swarming at this point, my vision blurred that I couldn't tell if he was still stood there.

"If it's a secret how do you know?"

"Because I'm not fucking dumb, that's why." I told him, frustrated at him, at me, at her. "I know you two got together at that party, that she came in the other week with hickeys that were from you."

He stood there silently, and turned around. His face was slightly slack, like maybe I'd surprised him. Even after all the hurt he caused me I still thought he was beautiful, I still thought he had a kind heart.

"Why are you so hung up on us? On this?" He raised his voice as he gestured between both of us. The boy with the blue eyes, crooked teeth and broad shoulders; the type everyone went for.

"Because it's unfinished." I told him, he shook his head and bit his lip.

I knew he wouldn't stay but I'd half expected him to. So he just turned around, hopped down some steps and disappeared.