I remember walking into our friends house, it was his birthday and I was shocked you'd shown up at all because you'd screwed everyone over. You were becoming more disliked, and I was kind of glad because at least I wasn't giving you the benefit of the doubt anymore.

I'd heard you even asked our friend to invite your girl, otherwise you weren't going. I'm surprised you could stoop that low, but you did.

I remember seeing you two stood against the wall in the dark room, her lips sucking at your neck, your eyes had that really far away look they used to get with me. I didn't realize it was only you two in there, but unfortunately for me I left my drink in that same room.

I didn't want to catch your eye. Seeing you there with her made my stomach churn. It was the first time in a while that I didn't want to look into those perfect eyes of yours.

I think that was the first time I was ever thankful I didn't end up with you because all you seem to do is fuck her every chance you get.

I rolled my eyes at you, only because I was so sick of seeing you two make out. But what unnerved me wasn't you two being in love. It was your eyes.

You kept my gaze as she showed you affection.

You continued to look at the girl whose heart you'd broken whilst you had the other girl in your arms.

Maybe you are as twisted as they say you are, but I looked away before that thought consumed me.