Tasting the tingling of the candy cane on my tongue.

Running around the stores and just having fun.

To the left, to the right- where is the man!

The one who can grant any wish that I can't.

My parents hold my hands, they hold them so tight.

Trying to keep me from jittering on my sugar high.

I run away to the toys, I look pass everyone.

Searching for the special toy full of fun.

I'm amazed, I'm delighted. I just can not fight it.

The joy and astounding amazement inside me.

I press my face to the plastic, looking at Buzz Lightyear.

Another action figure! A princess or a barbie.

Those are for girls, I want a rocket!

To blow up on the night of Christmas eve and we'll rock it!

We'll sing and we'll dance.

we'll watch movies to entrance.

We'll eat the turkey and chicken.

Urgh, no mash peas but for me.

I'm still in the shop, barely thinking of the day to come.

Still searching, still peering around for Claus.

He must be here somewhere.

He must know my wish.

To have the best Christmas ever!

Each and every year!

I finally see him, I see the colour red.

The white fluff on the hat... I slowly approach.

"Santa..." I beg as I get in queue.

With all the other little boys and girls who've been good.

They plop on his lap and tell him their wishes.

Tell him what they all desires for gifts.

I wait patiently. I'm bouncing about.

Till finally it's my turn to sit on his lap.

"So what do you desire, little boy?" he asks me.

"I want the best Christmas ever, For dad, mum and me."

"And what gift do you want?" he asks again.

I think for a second, and then.

"I want a little brother... sure the gifts are nice.

But I have no one to play with at home each day and night.

Mum is pregnant... and we don't know which one it'll be.

So please let it be a boy! Oh please! Oh please!"

Santa just laughed, and ruffled my head.

"Girls are good to, y'know." He said.

"Well that's what I want..." I beg with pleading eyes.

"I already have five aunts and six girl cousins on each side."

He laughs again and hands me back to my dad.

"I'll try my best." He laughs and laughs.

My brother didn't come that Christmas, he didn't come at all.

I got a little sister after all.

But I knew I loved her

When two Christmases after.

she and I both said.

"Mum! We still want a little brother!"