On a Lark v1.2 © 2017

6/3/17 Prompt: Use random elements, in abstract in a story using random words: doughnuts, library bathroom, Abe Lincoln, Albert Einstein, tires, hash pipe, topless, nirvana! Lots of luck!

"Doughnuts, the auto/tire kind may be fun, but don't do it. That and burnouts make your car angry and frangible. Would you please STOP spinning us around, Abe? Burnouts on a motorcycle are just dumb - especially the contests to see who can burst a tire the quickest! Just don't do it! Your bike will thank you. "

"Not your most profound observation, yet good advice my young Mr. Einstein. Lighten up, Albert! Verily, these 'car' things are potent. The civil war would have been over in just weeks if I had a few of these. Well, let's have some fun! I hear the library is sponsoring a Topless Tuesday event, and lucky us, " beamed honest Abe, "it is Tuesday and I'm uhh, what is it called, sir. . . drifting? Yes, I'm going to drift it right into that parking space."

Though looking terrified and yet impressed as Abe spun the car around, Albert gulped and contemplated conservation of angular momentum as his life once again flashed before his eyes. "Dear Ben Franklin would be impressed and horrified by what became of his libraries." Albert's head snapped back, then forth when the Miata thumped to a halt sideways against the low concrete parking bumper.

The sporty little car bounced back down on all four wheels just inches from the two unsuspecting, petrified parked cars. Albert gasped as he imagined the two vehicles' headlights distending into huge, frightened lamps on bright. He considered the relative speed of these new head lights, and shook it off. Looking out the front and side windows, Al quipped, "Nice park!" and smiled his smarmiest smile pondering the buena vistas within. "What is this conveyance named?"

"Thanks. Whatever its formal name is, I'm calling it a Lark because it is one! Now grab that hash pipe from the behind my seat and let's get lit before we go in. Hurry up, sir. Aren't you joyful that it is legal in this state for everyone to be topless? Light it up!" Abe beamed proudly.

"Are you planning to get high again, Abe, and still take that thing inside? Unless you want to get random spit on your pipe by sharing it with strangers, hide it in that Walmart bag before we go in. Now, give me another toke, sir, before we have to hide in the library bathroom to find nirvana!"

A few hits later, both venerable men felt no pain. "I'm . . . so . . . ready, Al. Strip off your shirt and let us proceed!"

"What? Us too? Oh, truly, everyone gets topless. I am so joyous this isn't National Nude Day!"