This story has an elaborate informational post that details cast, plot specifications, and a soundtrack that is connected and used throughout the story. I highly, highly recommend checking that out first. The soundtrack will enhance the experience of the story.

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I plan to give it four parts.



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May 28, 2007—

"I saw the damnest thing the other day.

I'm just eating, enjoying my fish, sitting in the front of that restaurant up on the street. I'm just sitting on the bench and trying to eat my sandwich, you know? All I want to do is eat my sandwich.

Then, I see some kids, not that old—but definitely not that young enough to be that stupid—and I see them talking, yappering, and bothering some lady across the street from me, right? I'm thinking they're advertising some new thing they might be selling, like, a radio or something. They didn't have nothing in their hands—it was two boys and a girl—but I just assumed what I could.

Then, what do you know?

They start pointing to the lady's shoes, demanding that she take them off—and I could tell because the boy was becoming quite violent and loud about it—and I really thought they were gonna yank those shoes off her feet and pull her down the street with it. I think she got that impression too. I could see it in her eyes—that poor girl.

She pulled off both her shoes in the middle of the street and they just started looking through it. Could you imagine? She was barefoot, just shaking all over the place, and they were all looking through her shoes like a couple of scoundrels.

For what I wonder?

Anyway, they didn't care for the shoes in the end. They just passed one to her, but then ran off with one shoe. One shoe!

I didn't understand why they would take one shoe and not the other!

That poor girl had to limp home and hold onto her shoe before somebody else decided to look through her shoes and run away with it.

I tell you... kids these days—they do the damnest things!

I mean, it was funny and I'm chuckling now, but imagine if you had to walk home with one shoe? You basically gotta lick for luck, nowadays. I'm talking begging luck to be on your side so that you won't fall to all the craziness of the world.

I'm glad I'm here now.

I'm glad I got everything I need.

I'd consider myself the luckiest man in the world."