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"Welcome aboard to USS Orion, this is Captain Luis Zachary speaking and I will be in charge of this ship until we get to our destination, Planet XI. I'm looking forward to working with you all and hope to meet you all personally soon. Everyone get back to your posts and continue on your work as we're leaving the dock. Over and out."

The small ding echoed throughout the empty halls indicating that the communication had ceased. The only two people at the hallway, who stood quiet when their captain spoke, continued on their way immediately after.

"Heard he's new," the taller one of the two spoke, fingers flying all over the tablet in his hands. "Young and new." His forest green eyes glanced at the smaller male, who only glanced back at him and rolled his own bright green eyes.

"So?" the shorter male said before he looked back at his own tablet, checking over the data analysis in his hands. "As long as he gets the job done, I don't honestly care if he's a toddler."

A low chuckle escaped from the lips of the taller man. "You would honestly be okay with a toddler as a captain?"

The ginger-haired man scrunched his nose. "If he does his job right." With that said, he opened a new email he received from the Head Engineer. He sighed loudly as he read through the email and quickly typed out a response, feeling a headache coming on already. "I'm working with idiots."

"So am I," the taller man said.

"You don't work for anybody, Hunter," the ginger-haired man said as he looked at his friend. "You're the head of Medical."

"I still answer to HQ," Hunter said, rubbing the back of his neck. "They're annoying. They're a pain in my ass. They want a report on everything and anything, all the way down to paper cuts."

"Tut tut," the smaller male said as he bumped his shoulder against Hunter's. "Talking bad about StarGazer is a direct violation to the rules."

Hunter snorted and looked at the ginger man. "And you follow the rules so well, I presume?" The man opened his mouth but Hunter shook his head. "Don't bullshit me, Llyod."

Llyod only grinned, showing off his pearly white teeth. "At least I don't end up in Medical all the time."

"You land in there twice a week," Hunter groused. "Half of my reports are because of you."

Llyod placed a hand to his chest and clutched his purple shirt, bunching it in his fist. A mock frown fitted on his lips. "Hunter, how dare you accuse me of such a thing?"

A hand looped around Llyod's neck and before he knew it, he was being knuckled over the head. Pain shot down his spine and he stopped walking, trying to struggle from the vice grip. He could feel Hunter laughing, vibrations from his chest against his face.

"I get it!" Llyod said at last, hands gripped tight around Hunter's arm to push him off. Hunter let him go, straightening his blue shirt properly. He had a small smile on his face and Llyod smiled back while rubbing his bruised scalp.

"Come on, we need to head back to our posts," Hunter said as he looked at his tablet once more. "And it seemed like my presence is required."

Llyod frowned for real a bit before he nodded. "Right, I have to get back too before Commander Grumps decides to ruin my life—again."

"Right, get going then," Hunter said as he started to walk to the T-junction of the hallway. "I'll see you during break?"

The ginger-haired man nodded, dropping his hands to his sides. With one last wave, Hunter had walked to the right while Llyod walked to the left, separating from his childhood friend. He brought his tablet up to his face and noticed that there was another message from Commander Grumps.

Llyod hesitated to open the email after having read what incompetency the previous email entailed. Sufferingly, he pressed on the blue tab that indicated he had an unread message and read through it quickly, eyebrows raising the more he read.

"The captain is visiting Engineering Mod A, huh," Llyod said as he exited the email and went back to the homepage, heading towards the turbo lift right ahead. Llyod didn't know how to feel about the new captain to be honest. He had gotten used to working with Captain Hyde before he was promoted to Admiral last mission.

Now, this new captain, young and inexperienced, was taking over one of the best spaceships in the galaxy. Llyod clicked his tongue as he shook his thoughts from his head. Everyone has to start somewhere, he thought to himself as he looked up when the lift doors opened.

There was nobody inside the turbo lift and Llyod wondered momentarily if he was late. A glance at the tablet for the time confirmed that he indeed was late. He didn't find himself worrying though. The jackass of a Commander was always trying to find some excuse to beat his self-esteem down anyway, whether he was doing his best or not.

After working for him less than three months, Llyod had started to seriously hate Commander Grumps. Llyod didn't even bother to remember his name. What was the point? He wasn't going to associate with someone who hated him.

The man always looked at Llyod as if he was beneath him. He stared at the ginger-haired man with calculative eyes, just waiting for the time Llyod would fail. He looked at his purple shirt which was a part of his uniform and smiled a bit when he looked at his left shoulder and noticed three golden bands on it; indicating his status as a Lieutenant.

He knew it was just a matter of time before he would be a Commander himself, skipping Lieutenant-Commander. At the age of twenty-four, he would be able to reign in that title. He wasn't known for being one of the youngest engineers with an impressive track record for no reason.

Then, Commander Grumps could jump off a bridge—or in this case, jump into the vacuum pod which will launch the man into space. Llyod bit down his bottom lip from grinning like a lunatic at that thought.

The turbo lift doors opened to a busy hallway. He walked out of the lift and walked to his left, heading down to the Engineering department which would lead to where the ship's main engine and mechanics were. The department itself was divided into three main sections before it was subsequently divided into five smaller divisions; each large division maintaining a separate engine of the ship.

Llyod worked in Engineering Mod A, the main engine of the ship. He made sure the engine worked fine and he oversaw that the engine was given maintenance often. It was a gruelling job, especially with Commander Grumps breathing down his neck, but he loved this ship.

It had been his home for the past three years and he would endure even him to take care of his home. He entered the department after scanning his ID card displayed on his tablet at the scanner. Immediately, he saw Commander Grumps heading his way with a deep frown on his face and two tablets gripped tight in his chubby hands.

"Lieutenant Yeld!" he bellowed and Llyod refrained from scowling at him.

"Yes, sir?" he asked, keeping his voice monotoned.

"You're late!" Commander Grumps said, straightening himself so that he looked menacing. Llyod admitted he did look intimidating. "Explain yourself!"

"I'm sorry, sir," Llyod said, not feeling sorry the slightest. "I was detained for a while by Commander Abbott."

Commander Grumps immediately smoothed his frown into a thin line, his eyes started to shine a bit. Llyod blinked at that. Huh. Hunter had an admirer, huh? The glee wormed into his mind as he kept the smile hidden away from Commander Grumps.

"Oh," Commander Grumps said. "This is your first warning, Lieutenant! Do not repeat the same mistake again!"

"I won't, sir," Llyod said. "I should get back to Mod A, sir."

The grumpy man nodded before he pointed at Llyod, his short stubby finger almost poking Llyod's chest. Llyod stiffened at that and stopped himself from hissing at the man. "Captain Zachary will come by Mod A in fifteen minutes. Get your subordinates to behave, Yeld."

"As you say, sir," Llyod said with a nod before he took a step back from Commander Grumps's finger. With a glance of pure hate by the Commander, the man walked away. Llyod took in a deep breath before he ran his fingers through his hair, urged to just tug his hair out of his scalp.

He rolled his shoulders and walked down the stairs to head down another hallway. It took a few minutes before he walked into Mod A where the pathway branched open to metallic floors and rails. Llyod immediately felt the tension slipping from his shoulders when he recognised the familiar hum of the ship, concentrated in the middle of the big room.

Llyod glanced up and saw the turning machines of the engine, encompassed in a large cylinder. There were some engineers there, Ensigns, who had their tablets out and were checking the engine's status. "How's it going up there?" Llyod said, cupping a hand over his mouth.

The two Ensigns turned to look at Llyod. They were a bit too far for Llyod to look at their faces, but he recognised them either way.

"Everything is alright, Yeld!" the male Ensign said, his voice carried loudly through the hums of the engine. Llyod grinned and nodded before he waved at them. He walked to the metal bridge crossing to the other side of the room.

Llyod glanced over the rails and looked down, taking note that the power supplies were still burning bright in yellow. That meant they didn't need any new supply of Eacium yet. Eacium was hard to find in the first place, and to buy them for this ship costed hundred thousands of dollars.

A tube of Eacium could power a big ship like this for five years without problems, six if it was pushed to the limit. The only problem with Eacium was that it was combustible and unstable. That was why it was built in an air-tight container, locked in place at the bottom of the ship.

Even with a small amount of air, Eacium could blow up something as huge as this ship easily. It could even take down two ships of the same size if it was given the chance, hence why maintenance was so important to the main engine.

Satisfied that everything was running smoothly, he crossed over to the other side of the place and walked to his office. He had to send a message to his subordinates later about Captain Zachary's visit. Humming under his breath, he reached his office and pushed past the glass door, walking inside and heading to his metal desk.

There were books opened and clustered on the table, with two other tablets lying on them, opened at a certain page. Llyod bit his bottom lip, wondering if he should clean up his table. After a moment of contemplation, he shrugged and walked to his chair and sat down with a flop.

He took the tablet in his hands and composed a quick message, giving it a high importance and sending it to his subordinates. Carelessly tossing the tablet once he was done on the table, he leaned into his chair and closed his eyes.

It was blissfully silent and Llyod almost fell asleep when someone knocked on his glass door. He opened his eyes and sat down properly, smiling when he noticed it was Sophia, another Ensign who recently joined this ship. "Sophia, come in!" he said warmly.

Sophia opened the door and walked in, smiling back at Llyod as she stood in front of him. "Sir," she said before Llyod shook his head.

"Drop the formalities when we're alone, Sophia," Llyod said with a sheepish grin. "We're friends, right?"

Sophia smiled brightly at that and nodded. "I'm just here to inform you that Commander Harold is looking for you. The Captain is here."

Llyod furrowed his eyebrows for a second before his eyes widened and he stood up. "Oh, Commander Gru—Harold, him, yes, thanks. Let's head out, shall we?"

"You were going to say Grumps, weren't you?" she teased, her eyes sparkled in amusement. Llyod felt himself blushing as he shrugged, walking quickly way from her to the door.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," he bluffed. Sophia caught up with him and laughed, covering her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Don't deny it," she said. "It's not like nobody calls him that."

Llyod stopped walking to stare at her in disbelief. "People call him that?" he asked.

Sophia nodded before she grinned. "You weren't the first one to nickname him that, you know," she quipped before she continued to walk. Llyod was left there standing, dumbfounded for a minute before he shook his head and chuckled. He quickened his steps until he walked side-by-side with Sophia.

Soon, the ginger-haired man noticed Commander Grumps at the entrance of Mod A, talking to a tall man. From all the way here, Llyod knew immediately who the man was. With his gold-yellow shirt and six golden bands on his left shoulder, Llyod realised it was the captain.

"I should take my leave," Sophia said from next to him, stopping when there was a few more steps to get to Commander Grumps.

"Yeah," Llyod said as he smiled at Sophia. "See you soon."

Sophia nodded and walked away, leaving Llyod to continue on walking until Commander Grumps noticed him. "Ah, there you are!" Commander Grumps said with fake pride in his voice. Llyod resisted from rolling his eyes at the greeting and nodded at him.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" he asked even though he knew why he was here. The Commander knew that too as his eyes narrowed in distaste. Commander Grumps kept a tight smile on his face though as he moved away a bit before he gestured to the tall man standing in front of him.

"Yes, this is Captain Zachary," Commander Grumps said, clutching his hands behind his back. Llyod looked over to where Captain Zachary was and froze for a second when he met with crimson-red eyes, staring at him quietly. Llyod was mesmerised for a second. He had never seen red eyes before—especially not on a Human species. Could it be that the Captain had mix blood in him? Probably, Llyod mused in his head as he held out his hand.

"I'm Lieutenant Leon Yeld, sir," Llyod said. "Head Engineer for Engineering Mod A."

The Captain shook his hand, his grip firm and tight and then he smiled, bright and dazzling. Llyod could safely say that he was about to go blind from how bright the smile was. "Nice to meet you, Lieutenant Yeld," he said, his voice strong and carried a hint of authority in it. Llyod pulled his hand away and nodded, clasping his own hands behind his back as a sign of respect.

"You too, sir," Llyod said and then looked at the entrance of Mod A. "Would you like to look around the section?"

"Yes, he will take you around and introduce you to the members of Mod A, if you'd like, sir," Commander Grumps chimed in, clasping a hand on Llyod's shoulder. Llyod refrained from flinching and throwing that hand away from his shoulders and kept an air of nonchalance around him.

"Sure, that sounds fine," the Captain said as he smiled again at Llyod. His red-eyes were calculating too, behind the blankness. Llyod shifted from one foot to the other and took a small step back, just enough so the Commander had no choice but to take his hand back.

"Right," Llyod said before he waved to the entrance. "I believe we should get going then." Then, he added as if an afterthought, "Sir."

That earned a small quirk of amused tilt on the Captain's lips. Llyod didn't get to ponder on that slight smirk when he heard the Commander laughing, boisterous and sharp.

"Alright, I shall get going then, Captain," Commander Grumps said, smiling at the Captain. Scarily. Llyod looked away from him towards the entrance, feeling anxiousness running down his spine. He just wanted to walk away now, if only the Captain would hurry up already.

"Let's go," the Captain's voice broke through his thoughts as Llyod looked at him. He then looked at where the Commander was supposed to be and noticed that the man was already walking away. Oh. He looked back at the Captain to see him raising his eyebrows with an amused look on his face again.

Slight irritation flared in his mind. What was so funny anyway? Was something funny about him? Llyod absent-mindedly thought as he nodded. He began to walk to the entrance and sighed under his breath when the Captain fell into step next to him.

"So, this is where the main engine is, right?" the Captain asked.

Llyod glanced at him, shoulders tensed as he nodded. "Yeah," he said. "I handle the maintenance myself."

"I heard about that," the Captain said, sounding like he was thinking about it. Llyod shrugged at that as he continued to walk. "Your previous Commander said you were the best in what you do."

"Am," Llyod muttered.

"I'm sorry?" the brunet asked. Llyod glanced at his Captain before he shrugged again.

"Am," Llyod repeated as he shoved his hands into his black regulation pants pockets. "I'm still the best in what I do."

Llyod heard the Captain chuckle and another wave of irritation crashed into his mind. "Humble too," the man said, like Llyod had told him a joke.

"Thanks," Llyod said, drily. He quickly amended his tone with an almost lazy drawl of, "Sir."

The Captain didn't speak again and Llyod was relieved to know that he didn't have to communicate with him. Something about this man with crimson-red eyes rubbed him the wrong way. He wasn't one to judge someone right off the bat, but he just disliked the new Captain immediately.

He stopped some of the Ensigns working there to introduce them to the Captain. They were chattery and bright, almost like Llyod was when he first joined this ship and he couldn't help but to smile at their excitement. He glanced at the brunet and noticed that he had a fond look in his eyes, filled with pride.

Why would he look so proud when he just joined the ship? Llyod thought to himself, irritated a bit.

"It's nice meeting you, Ensign Claudé," the Captain said.

Ensign Claudé blushed, her smile brightening. "It's nice meeting you too, Captain."

With a nod and a smile, the Captain allowed her to move away. Llyod watched her walk away for a second before he continued to walk, the brunet walking by his side. "The crew is amazing," the Captain said after a brief moment of silence. "I almost feel intimidated to work with all of you."

"You're the Captain," Llyod said. "You aren't supposed to feel intimidated."

"I know," the brunet said. "But it's just how I feel."

Inexperience could do that to someone, Llyod thought again but he didn't voice that out. It could be taken as being disrespectful to a senior officer if he did. And the last thing he needed was to get in trouble. Llyod continued to show him around Mod A, occasionally tuning out what the Captain was saying at times when it wasn't any of Llyod's business.

"This is your office then?" the Captain asked as Llyod showed him to his working space. Llyod nodded and waved around the place, things messily scattered. "Quite a mess though."

Another zap of irritation flared in Llyod's mind as he took in a deep breath, his shoulders tensed. "I work better like this," he said.

"What? In a messy place?" the Captain said, almost absent-mindedly, as he inspected the place, grazing his fingers at the shelf of books. Llyod almost asked him not to touch anything, feeling strangely possessive of his belongings.

"Yes," Llyod snapped, couldn't keep the slight malice from his tone. He saw the Captain freeze and Llyod cursed at himself inside. "Sir."

The Captain turned around to look at him and for a second, Llyod was afraid that the Captain was about to yell at him or report him. But what he got was another amused smile. Llyod blinked, slightly confused and angry. "Thank you for showing me around Mod A, Lieutenant Yeld."

"It's my pleasure, sir," Llyod said, almost on auto-pilot.

"A pleasure, huh?" the Captain murmured, loud enough for Llyod to hear it. Llyod frowned but before he could say anything, the Captain had walked past him to the front door. "I'll be taking my leave."

"Ah," Llyod began but he was cut off by the Captain, who only shook his head.

"I'll find my way out, thanks," he said and then with a more—sincere—smile, he added, "You're doing a good job, you know. Keep it up. I'll see you soon, Lieutenant."

"Captain," Llyod said in greeting as the Captain nodded and walked away, leaving the ginger-haired man to stare at where he had just stood. After a second of silence, he scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Who did he think he was?"

He disliked the Captain a lot.

For unknown reasons, he had no faith in him.

And Llyod hoped he wouldn't have to interact with him anymore.


"He visited the Medical Bay?" Llyod asked, shovelling food onto his plate, deciding on casserole for lunch.

"Yeah," Hunter said as he picked up some chicken sandwiches and a bowl of Caesar salad from the containers of food in front of them. "He's nice."

Llyod rolled his eyes at that as he took hold of his tray of food. "Yeah, sure," he said as he waited for Hunter to follow him. Hunter eyed him from the corner of his eyes, a small frown pulled at the corner of his lips.

"You don't like him?" Hunter asked as they found an empty table, closer to the windows where clusters of stars floated past them slowly. Llyod settled in front of Hunter, forking the casserole and shoving it into his mouth as he shrugged. Hunter continued to look at Llyod, his forest green eyes a careful mask of blankness.

Llyod looked away to his plate, huffing as he munched on his food before swallowing it. "I don't," Llyod admitted after he noticed that Hunter made no move to eat his own lunch, preferring to stare at Llyod into submission. Which he had succeeded in doing so—again.

"Why?" Hunter asked, though he sounded as if he had lost interest in the topic already.

"I don't know," Llyod said. He furrowed his eyebrows as he thought about the crimson-red-eyed man. The way his lips quirked in amusement and his eyes portraying that innocence, it just looked fake. It looked like the Captain was trying a bit too hard. "He sounds fake."

Hunter hummed under his breath but he didn't ask Llyod to elaborate. "I mean, someone who smiles like that has to be fake, right?" Llyod asked after receiving no reply from Hunter. His friend only gave him a small shrug, eyeing his food as he ate his salad.

"You should eat vegetables often," Hunter said, changing the subject abruptly. Llyod snorted as he pushed his tray of food towards Hunter.

"And you should try eating something less healthy once in a while," Llyod said, lips quirking upwards in mischief, his green eyes glimmered. Hunter looked at him for a while before he looked back at his plate of salad, forking some of it before dumping it on Llyod's casserole.

Llyod squawked as he harshly pulled back his tray from Hunter's continuing demolition of his greasy non-healthy food. "Hunter!" he whined when he saw the greens scattered on it. "You weren't supposed to destroy the food!"

"You lack vitamins," Hunter said as he pointed his fork at Llyod. "And the only way to get vitamins is by eating vegetables. Eat your vegetables."

Llyod pouted, his bottom lip jutting out as he widened his eyes. Hunter only continued to stare at him witheringly. It looked like his famous pouty look wasn't working on his friend anymore. Llyod sighed as he ate the casserole, avoiding the vegetables. Hunter only glared at him, his eyes sharpening in a calculative manner.

"I really don't like them, Hunter," Llyod said as he begrudgingly knew he wouldn't win this war—once more. Hunter opened his mouth to speak when a small ding sound interrupted him. The sound seemed like it came from the ginger-haired man's tablet. "Hold onto that thought," Llyod said cheekily, relieved that something decided to interrupt Hunter's speech about everything good about vegetables.

Llyod sucked on his fingers that was slightly covered with oil and sauce before he opened the unread mail. He frowned when he read the content. "Huh, we're detouring from Planet XI."

"Really?" Hunter asked.

"Yeah," Llyod said as he closed his tablet and flattened the tablet into two, pushing the only two metal parts of the tablet to collapse and the blue-hue screen of the tablet to vanish. Tucking the two metals that were now stuck together into his regulation pants, he looked at his friend. Another ding sound resounded and this time it came from Hunter. "That must be your notification about the trip delay."

"I wonder why we're detouring," Hunter said as he took one slice of the chicken sandwich and took a bite out of it.

Llyod shrugged, still frowning. They rarely detoured from their original mission. Something important—more important than collecting the latest organic materials mined from Planet XI must have come up for the mission to be pushed aside for a while. Curiosity started to mingle through Llyod's mind.

"Maybe we've been contacted by a new species," Llyod said, his green eyes sparkled bright at that thought.

"I doubt it," Hunter said. "We're an all Human ship. I doubt we'd be given orders to investigate a new species."

"Who knows," Llyod said as he stood up, patting his hands on the front side of his pants. "This could be an exception."

Hunter snorted as he chewed on the last bits of the sandwich before standing up as well. "We're far from xeno-friendly, Loy. I doubt it."

True, Llyod muttered in his mind. As far as they had come, the Human species were still wary of the other species. It was rare for StarGazer to assign an all-Human spaceship to investigate a new species. It wasn't said that they were xenophobic either. It was just that it seemed easier to classify ships based on species to avoid any misunderstandings and casualties.

Llyod had heard of horrors from those ships where Humans and other species were mixed together. The most horrific story was about a Human male who was mind-controlled to kill himself by one of the Minder species all because of some kind of species rivalry. That had resulted a lot of uproar and offence from both parties.

But Llyod was sure that the only reason this happened was because the Human species didn't get a chance to completely learn and immerse themselves in other xeno-cultures. If the Human species were given a chance to learn about things like manners and traditions of other species, these things would—could have been avoided.

"It still would be nice if we were trained to mix around with other species," Llyod said as he walked to the tray dispenser, dropping his tray and plates into the slot. Hunter nodded but he didn't look convinced. "Oh come on, you studied xenobiology!"

"A mandatory subject," Hunter added as he looked at his friend. "It doesn't mean I like them."

Llyod scrunched his nose at the blatant xenophobic-ness being emitted by Hunter. "You could give them a chance," Llyod said before he recalled those crimson-red eyes. "Besides, I think our Captain might have a mix of alien blood in him too."

Hunter rolled his shoulders as he pushed Llyod gently with a hand on his shoulder to start walking. "How do you know?"

"He has red eyes," Llyod answered. "No Human has red eyes!"

"Sure they do," Hunter said, debunking Llyod's statement. "Those who have Albinism."

"I don't think our Captain has Albinism," Llyod said as he mused on that thought. "And the only other species that has red-eyes are the Dämon species."

"If I were you, I wouldn't make things up," Hunter said as they exited the Mess Hall. "Things circulate quite quickly around here. Before you know it, you'd get fired."

Llyod knew Hunter was right. Saying something as serious as this without proof could land him in trouble. And that was something he was trying to avoid. Still, who was naturally born with red-eyes; especially a Human? No, Llyod was sure that the Captain must have had some kind of alien blood in him, and the thought that it might be the Dämon blood, a species that were the most feared by Humans for how closely they resemble to a demon during the Old Age, was enough to send shivers down his spine.

"Ah, Llyod!" a voice stopped Llyod from walking any further. He turned around and was met with a pair of icy-blue eyes with a ring of golden around the pupils. The man stopped in front of him, smiling brightly as he ran his fingers through his pink hair. Hunter tapped on Llyod's shoulder before he tilted his chin at the hallway.

"I'm going to head back to the Med Bay," Hunter said. "See you, Loy. Mathias."

Mathias waved at Hunter before his blue-golden eyes landed on Llyod. Llyod nodded at his friend and raised his eyebrows at Mathias. "What's up?" he asked before he smiled as well.

"Not to trouble you but I need to see the data from Mod A," Mathias said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I have to complete the statical graphs of this ship's performance and present it to the new Captain in—" Mathias stopped as he closed his eyes, brows furrowed before he snapped open his eyes again. "In four hours!"

"Right, just wait up," Llyod said as he pulled out the tablet from his pockets. He pulled apart the two metals, revealing the blue-hue hologram showing the tablet's interface. He quickly clicked on the latest data he got from Sophia about Mod A and transferred it to Mathias's tablet. "Here. That's the latest one, dating back to two days ago."

Mathias grinned as he opened the data and looked through the numbers. "This is great," Mathias said. "This is pretty good, thanks, Llyod."

Llyod smiled again as he closed his tablet, shoving it back into his pants pockets. "No problem."

"Have you heard about the package we're receiving?" Mathias asked as he continued to look through the data, his blue-golden eyes glancing at Llyod. The ginger-haired man shook his head. "Well, I heard that's the reason why we're detouring from Planet XI."

"What's the package about?" Llyod asked, confused. It was rare for a mission to become secondary importance just because of a package. "Explosives or something?"

Mathias cracked a grin at that. "You would like that, wouldn't you?"

Llyod chuckled, running his fingers through his hair. "Well, what else could it be? It's just a package."

"I don't know," Mathias said as he closed his tablet, collapsing it in his hands. "But whatever it is, it's pretty important. It's a Red-class package."

Llyod's eyes widened at that. They rarely got Red-class packages. "That's Military-classified package," Llyod said, his voice lowering as he stared at Mathias.

Mathias chewed his bottom lip and nodded, his eyes becoming serious. "I know," he said. "But that's what it is. A Red-class package."

"Holy cheese," Llyod breathed out, unsure how to feel about that. This spaceship was classified as non-military. They didn't do any military errands. Why all of a sudden were they being allowed to pick up a Red-class package? "Now I'm curious."

"You're telling me," Mathias said, a glint of curiosity coloured his eyes. "But I'm not allowed to know anything beyond that. Nobody is allowed, only certain personnels like the First Officer and the Captain have the privilege to know more. They're handling the mission after all."

Llyod was baffled at how high classified this mission suddenly became. It didn't feel right to Llyod. How could they suddenly diverge from a White-class mission, the tamest mission class, to a Red-class? The uneasy feeling started to spread down his spine as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"It sounds suspicious," Llyod said, still keeping his voice low in case other ears were listening into the conversation. Mathias hummed as he shrugged, furrowing his own eyebrows. "We're not a military-classified ship, Matty."

"I don't know, Llyod," Mathias said. "I agree, it does sound suspicious. But, it's not like we could go up to the Captain and ask what's happening."

Llyod conceded at that. If they weren't given an authorisation to know about a certain mission, they just weren't. They weren't allowed to go against that directive and if they did, there will be consequences. Still, even after Mathias had walked away and Llyod had returned to his office in Engineering Mod A, the uneasy feeling hadn't disappeared.

He itched to find out what was happening.