1. What happened to Kay and Wendy?

Desmond no longer has any connection with Kay after what happened at DARK. The whole scenario of Kay knowing exactly what was happening—or had some idea of what might happen—even if he had tried to warn Desmond that night—made him still be one of the responsible ones to have put Desmond in danger. And he couldn't trust Kay anymore afterwards even if he had forgiven him for it. Desmond still has contact with Wendy though. She never had any idea about this, she isn't a part of StarGazer herself. She still remains as one of Desmond's close friends.

Mathias still keeps in contact with Kay even if Desmond doesn't. He tried to get Kay and Desmond talk a few times at the beginning but quickly realise that it was futile. So, now, he just hangs out with Kay every once a month to catch up with him. Kay now just stays at home, no longer working. Mathias also is as close to Wendy as Desmond is. The three of them frequently hang out with each other like nothing changed.

2. Ernie's past

Ernie's mother and father divorced right after he was born. In fact, Ernie wasn't even a biological son to his father. At the age of three, his father had abandoned him at an orphanage, disinheriting him as his son after he had remarried another woman and was going to have a family with her. The father's close friend took in Ernie as a member of the orphanage.

Ernie grew up bullied most of the time. The orphanage was a run-down small place that hosted troubled kids. Ernie was called named because of how pudgy he would look when he was young. Girls and boys would like to push him around and when Ernie talks back, they often try and get Ernie in trouble as revenge.

He's a smart student though. He graduated quickly from high school like Llyod did. He attended StarGazer School under Engineering Track and he meets Llyod as a classmate for the first time. He doesn't befriend him, he couldn't either, not when Llyod had other friends already on the first day.

Ernie still gets pushed around even here. The treatment gets worse verbally instead of physically the faster he excels in his field. It's due to jealousy and the thought that someone like Ernie, who also had a tendency to mouth off when he's nervous or scared, can succeed while others struggled.

Due to his past, Ernie has low self-confidence and he's emotionally expressive. He's called a crybaby when he was younger because he does tend to cry easily when he's upset or happy. Now that he's an adult, he hides it behind closed doors.

3. First time Ernie met Hunter

It was during first year of training and Ernie had exited the lecture hall. He saw Llyod pushing past him and rushing towards a tall man leaning against the wall nearby the lecture hall. Ernie was mesmerised immediately at how tall the man was. He himself was quite short, he envied tall people for their height.

Ernie watched how Llyod babbled like he usually does to the man and then the man—smiled. The cold emotionless face he had melted away and it made the man look inviting and warm. Something that Ernie had been looking for a long time. Ernie quickly learns that the man's name is Hunter Abbott, a first class graduate from medical school and was personally sought out by StarGazer to have him in their company.

Hunter Abbott also had a lot of admirers, as many as Llyod had. Ernie had started to watch him slowly after that. Not realising he had been developing a crush until it was too late.

4. First time Ernie confessed to Hunter

It had been three months since Ernie had been working at USS Orion. Things had been going well. Now, Ernie was having a different problem. He was going to confess to Hunter and he was nervous. He had been loitering around the Med Bay halls for a while now.

After a few more minutes, he finally decided to do this and walked inside. Hunter was there, in his office, busy with his tablets and notes. Desmond was there too, looking up from his own work and raised his eyebrows at him.

"What is it?" Desmond asked as he stood up, walking towards Ernie.

"Ah," Ernie said and gave him a smile. "I'm just here to…ah…talk to Abbott."

"That's Dr. Abbott to you," Desmond said before he gestured to the office. "Go ahead."

Ernie nodded at Desmond before he scurried off to the office. He knocked on the glass door and walked inside when Hunter glanced at him, nodding for him to come in.

"What?" Hunter demanded immediately, sitting up straight to look at Ernie.

"Uh," Ernie said, fidgeting for a while, standing still for a second before he took a deep breath. "Just…"

Hunter watched him blankly and Ernie felt nervousness coiling at the pit of his stomach. The green eyes narrowed a bit before his jaw clenched. The longer the silence, the more tense the atmosphere got and not in a good way.

"Either you stop wasting my time and spit it out or get the hell out of my sight," Hunter snapped at last.

Ernie flinched at that and his cheeks reddened, from the slight embarrassment. "I can…come back if you're busy…"

Hunter's lips thinned dangerously, annoyance coloured his face. "I'm always busy."

Ernie licked his lips and he shuddered a bit at the thought of putting words to this feeling he had in his chest. "I…I just want to say…something to you."

Hunter didn't respond to that, just continued to stare at Ernie, his eyes sharpening ever so slightly.

"I…I like you," Ernie said at last, his face reddening and he closed his eyes tight, hands clenched into fists at his side. He felt his heart sinking when he heard Hunter scoff.

"Get out," Hunter said, his voice held no room for argument and when Ernie snapped open his eyes, the doctor had already went back to doing whatever he was doing. Ernie felt dumbfounded for a bit. He wasn't expecting some kind of declaration back—but he thought Hunter would have more of a response than this.

"I," Ernie began and Hunter snapped his eyes to look at him.

"You're still here," Hunter deadpanned. "I told you to get out."


"I don't fucking care," Hunter said, his voice low. His eyes were blank—cold—and his face held no emotion. Ernie quickly realised that this wasn't the same person who he had witnessed would hang out with Llyod, smiling at times with a soft look on his face. No, this was…this was the person that people who always claimed Hunter to be. A cold merciless bastard.

"Oh," Ernie said.

"I don't really understand why you're talking to me," Hunter said. "You and the rest of you are all the same. Pathetic and slave to your emotions. I don't have time to waste on useless people like you. Don't come back unless you're dying."

Ernie winced at that, his face dying red and his eyes burned.

"R—right," Ernie said as he turned around, not knowing what else to do and ran away from there.

Before he left the Bay, he heard Desmond sighing. "Not another one, Hunter…"

Suffice to say, Ernie learned that falling in love for the first time hurt the worst way possible.

But he still loved Hunter.

That—was without a doubt, even if he was pathetic after all.

5. Luis's reaction to Cain getting into StarGazer

"I got in."

Luis looked at Cain, eyes wide as he stared at the letter Cain was holding in his hands. His heart beat against his chest and dread flashed through his mind.

"I…didn't know you applied," Luis said, furrowing his eyebrows.

Cain shrugged. "You would have told me no."

Luis felt fear thrumming through his veins. "I'm telling you no now."

Cain frowned at that, confusion colouring his eyes. "Why not?"

"No, Cain," Luis said, gently. "I…it's not safe."

Cain scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Everything's not safe, Luis. I'll be fine."

Luis thinned his lips. They would snatch him up quickly. Luis couldn't allow him to do that. He himself had been too late to realise what it meant when he joined the Elite. He was still healing from the last experiment. He couldn't let Cain get in.

"No," Luis said as he shook his head. "You're rejecting the offer."

Cain looked offended. "I told you, Luis. I'll be fine."

"You won't," Luis said. "I'm telling you no. Please."

"No," Cain said. "I don't know what you're so scared of but you'll see, I'll be fine."

"Cain," Luis began, starting to sound desperate. "Please, don't go."

Cain furrowed his eyebrows. "You're acting weird."

"I—I just don't want to see you hurt," Luis said.

"Well, I'm not," Cain said. "Luis…I want to go, okay? You know how much I wanted to join StarGazer. I can be great at it."

That's what I'm afraid of.

"I'll be fine," Cain assured him with a small smile. "You don't have anything to worry about."

Luis felt his heart break when Cain hugged him.

That was the last time he ever held his brother like that.

6. Desmond and Ginger; Friday Night; Before events of DARK took place.

Desmond's head hurt as he listened to Mathias blabbing about something. The crew members were having fun. It was the typical Friday and the ship's bar was opened, letting them to relax after a week of hard work. The music changed and Mathias left his seat to dance and Desmond sighed in relief, folding his arms on the table and laid his forehead on it.

He took in a few deep breaths.

A hand touched his shoulder, jolting him awake. He looked up and froze when he realised it was Ginger.

"What?" Desmond asked, tired. Ginger gave him a tentative smile before he occupied Mathias's seat.

"Here," Ginger said and placed a glass of water in front of him. Desmond took it and without another word, he drank the water. "You look kinda pale."

"How would you know?" Desmond snapped. "It's too dark here."

Ginger didn't reply.

"I haven't seen you at the Med Bay lately," Ginger said, his voice slow. Desmond looked at him and rolled his eyes.

"I was avoiding you," Desmond said, watching Ginger deflate a bit. Good. Maybe he could leave him alone now.

"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable," Ginger said. "I just…It took a lot of courage to tell you how I felt about you, you know."

"So what?" Desmond said. "I don't feel the same way. Never did. Never will. Get lost." Desmond's heart gave a treacherous thump at that as he stood up, wobbling a bit. Fuck, what did he even drink? A pint of beer. Was he that lightweight?

Ginger had stood up as well, moving around to touch his arm. Desmond pulled away immediately but he staggered a bit too back, almost falling. Ginger wrapped his hand around Desmond's arms anyway and held him upright.

"Let go of me," Desmond demanded weakly.

"You're going to fall," Ginger said. "Come on, let's get you back to your quarters."

"I can get back just fine!" Desmond said but he didn't make a move to leave Ginger's grip. He felt…warm. Desmond felt his shoulders relaxing without his consent. At last, he just nodded at Ginger and the man helped Desmond to walk away from the bar to his quarters.

Desmond sobered a bit as they walked into the turbo lift. He could think better and his limbs had some coordination back. He could probably walk by himself now but…Ginger's hand around his arm was a comforting presence.

He looked at the man walking next to him and under the white lights, Ginger looked…


Desmond felt his face heating up and his heart lurching in his chest before he recognised this feeling in his chest.


When had that happen? Desmond thought absent-mindedly as he kept his stare at Ginger's face. Maybe when Ginger started to worry about his own health, when he started to come around often with minor cuts and told things that Desmond had no intention on finding out.

Maybe it was when Ginger started to look at him with eyes that could make him feel cherished and warm inside. Maybe it was when Desmond started to wonder what it would be like if he could see Ginger's smile every day, every time he woke up and before he fell asleep.

Desmond stopped walking, halting Ginger. He blinked away the sudden rush of emotion in his chest.

"What is it?" Ginger asked, his voice worried.

Desmond shook his head but he furrowed his eyebrows anyway, looking at Ginger with a small frown on his face. He stood closer to the man and grazed a fingertip down his face. Ginger's eyes widened a bit and there was cautiousness in his eyes.

"Why?" Desmond asked, slurring on his words a bit.

Maybe he wasn't so sober after all.

Ginger slowly reached to his hand and touched his fingers. "Why what?"

"Why…me?" Desmond asked before he gave Ginger a smile, a smile that probably looked twisted and sad. Ginger's own eyebrows furrowed a bit.

"Why…couldn't it be you?" Ginger asked. Desmond smiled again.

"So…so many reasons why," Desmond said, his voice low. "But…maybe…that's it, right?"

"That's what it?" Ginger asked.

"Maybe you just need—a closer look to see why I can't be it," Desmond said.

Before Ginger could open his mouth, Desmond had kissed him.

Ginger had kissed him back immediately before he pulled away. "No, Desmond, you're drunk."

"I'm not," Desmond said as he tried to pull Ginger close to him once more. "You said you liked me. And here I am…offering myself to you."

"Desmond," Ginger stressed out.

"I want you," Desmond said, his voice lost the breathlessness and he stared at Ginger seriously. "I'm not…playing around."

Ginger stared at him for a while and Desmond knew he was making a mistake. He could never be with Ginger like how the man wanted to be with him. They wouldn't make it—they wouldn't last. But…right now, maybe Desmond should let himself go for the first and last time.

"You're still not fully sober," Ginger said.

"Then…then we'll get sober," Desmond said as he touched Ginger's neck. "Please."

Ginger swayed closer and before Desmond knew it, they were kissing again. After that, it was just blurs of colours and touches and he ended up in Ginger's quarters, on his bed, letting for the first time ever, someone to be with him in more ways than once.

He had tears in his eyes when they were lying on the bed, Desmond's ears against Ginger's chest while Ginger was caressing his sweaty hair. "You're my first," Desmond whispered against him. Ginger stopped moving for a while.

"I'm glad it was with you," Desmond added and he felt Ginger relaxing. They stayed silent like that for a while before Ginger stopped, another hand touching his face and nudging him to look at the man. Ginger looked slightly worried. Desmond realised then that he was crying. "Ah…"

"What's…wrong?" Ginger asked. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," Desmond said before he sighed and turned on his back. Ginger propped on his elbow to look down on him. "I just…I realised you were the first one who could touch me without me wanting to flinch or run away from. You're the only one who could touch me like this."

Ginger furrowed his eyebrows, confusion colouring his eyes. Desmond looked at him in the eyes. Ginger had looked shocked a bit when Desmond finally looked at him directly into the ashy blue pupils. He rarely looked at people in the eyes. He…he couldn't, not when it reminded him of his past.

And Ginger had been in awe. Had touched the edges of his eyes for a while, just caressing them before he kissed them.

"What…do you mean?" Ginger asked.

Desmond felt his heart beating loudly in his chest. He had never told anyone about this before. But…here he was…about to tell Ginger—the man he had just slept with—the only person who seemed to have gotten hold of his heart and couldn't stay—his past.

"I was almost raped," Desmond said after a long pause. "Well…threatened to be—attempted by—all those gory details you can imagine."

Ginger had gone rigid next to him. His eyes were wide as he looked at Desmond, and the doctor waited for some kind of repulsion to appear in those eyes, some kind of signs of disgust. But then the ashy blue eyes schooled themselves into emotionless globs and Desmond lost him again.

"I—came from a well known family," Desmond said. "For generations they were also one of the most feared families…underground. If you know what I mean. My father was the current leader. My mother died early on and I was like…his only connection to her.

I grew up to be just like her, I heard them say. With my father's handsome rugged looks and my mother's beauty, I was…a 'perfect' concoction of both of them and I can work any look out, any style, any clothes. At twelve, I was already sought out for that. My face."

Ginger pulled himself away and sat up, ordering the lights to be up. Desmond flinched at that as he slowly sat up too, looking at him for a while. Ginger then touched Desmond's hands, cradling them slowly in his grip. "I'm so sorry," Ginger said, his voice sounded wobbly.

Desmond only smiled at him. "What for? It was my face the reason you fell for me, right? Just like the rest of them?"

"I," Ginger said as he shook his head, his eyes burning. "I would never do any of that, never—I started looking at you because of how you look, yeah but—that wasn't why I fell for you."

Desmond sighed. "My father died trying to protect me from one of the rival families that were trying to claim me for their own," Desmond said, and he felt the grip around his fingers tightening. "I was pushed into the safe room by my father before he went off…dying. I ran the minute I got the chance.

I just ran.

Until I was trapped again, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, a group of men saw that I had a—"

Desmond stopped, feeling tears welling up.

"Desmond," Ginger said. "If you don't want to continue…it's fine."

"I want to tell you," Desmond said. "I…I had a pretty mouth, Ginger."

The tears streamed down his face and Ginger pulled him close, hugging him tight as Desmond buried his face against his shoulders.

"Before they could even," Desmond continued, choked. "I was saved by a homeless teenager. He took care of me, kept me hidden for a while and I…refused to leave him. He became my guardian for a while until I turned fourteen and he died from hypothermia. I…I became a doctor because of him. Because I felt like I should have been able to save him, after all he did for me.

"I…I ran into Kay, upset, unsure of what to do anymore, because everywhere I went, all I was good for is," Desmond said and held his breath as Ginger held him tighter. "I…I saw a man. I walked up to him and told him to use me however he liked as long as he could pay me. I…I was so done. I was going to use that money to buy something to kill myself off. I…But he saved me."

"I wish I could have been there to protect you," Ginger whispered against his hair.

"I was still traumatised," Desmond said. "I couldn't look into anyone's eyes, in fear that all they'll have in their eyes are lusts. I…I'm scared almost all the time, Ginger. But studying medicine had been the only thing that could cure me of that, helped me to build a wall around people and I can be as cold as I like at times as long as I kept the patient alive, I'm good.

I have never looked at anyone in the eyes, Ginger. You were the first…since all of this happened to me. You were the first who could touch me and I would feel…safe. I just need you to know that. I…I just need you to know that I…do trust you, somewhere in me."

"I'll keep you safe," Ginger promised, his voice was wet. "I'll keep you so safe. I won't let anything hurt you anymore. I won't…I won't hurt you, Desmond."

Desmond nodded against him. "I know."

Ginger had held him tight that night, and Desmond let him because he wanted to feel safe. He felt so raw and open and he was so terrified. But Ginger kept him safe. He was the only one who could.

And he held Ginger close to him until it was morning.

Because by morning…Ginger deserved better than him.

By morning, Desmond should let him go at last now that he got at least one memory of him to keep close by when the nights became too scary for him.

By morning, Desmond would forget he loved Ginger.

For now, Desmond thought as he stared at the sleeping face of Ginger, his fingertips brushing against the hair. "I love you," Desmond breathed out and kissed his forehead. "I'm sorry."

7. Was the Zucons' DNAs properly diluted?

Yes and no. Yes, it took at least a year and a half before any true breakthrough could happen. Hunter and Desmond worked with a few other well-achieved doctors while the StarGazer case was going on. It took another six more months before they could be sure that this 'antidote' could somehow dilute the Zucons' blood in the three of them.

No, it didn't properly dilute it though. But it was no longer a threat to Ginger, Luis and Lennon or to anyone around them. They no longer had to hold themselves back too much with their emotions. They would still no longer be a whole human species, but part Zucon, and they would still feel affects of Zucons on them if they were ever thrusted into a place filled with them; but they were now diluted enough that it won't hurt them or make them fear they would lose control of themselves.

Hence why many test subjects in StarGazer Elite force died during DNA reconstruction. It's a painful process and it can lead to death very easily. It was a somewhat miracle Ginger, Lennon and Luis made it out alive, barely there, but alive. And there was no way, even with high-tech medicine now, for them to get back the proper human DNA strands again without killing them. Diluting was their only option and even that was a painful process—and it took up to three months of just them being in pain and bedridden for anything to happen.

8. Lennon's time when he was in the force and was rooming with Mathias

Mathias was getting suspicious.

Lennon winced as he tried to sit on his bed properly, his neck stiff and his shoulders still bruised.

"Are you sure you're fine?" Mathias asked, eyes worried as he handed painkillers to Lennon.

"Fine," Lennon waved him off, eating the medicine and closed his eyes to sigh. "Rough training, that's all."

When Lennon had opened his eyes, he felt a bit bad when Mathias looked even more worried than before. Lennon shook his head and immediately regretted it when the whole room spun around.

"I'm fine," Lennon choked out.

Mathias worried his bottom lip and nodded. "O…kay. But…you should sleep."

"Yeah," Lennon said, even though he really didn't want to. He knew it was a matter of time before he woke up screaming from a nightmare—after all that he had gone through.

Mathias helped him to lie on the bed and he bit back a groan when he felt pain shooting down his spine. "Elite force is fucking you up," Mathias mumbled and Lennon felt slight nerves of panic washing into him as he was tucked into bed.

"It's just training, Mathias," Lennon lied.

"I know," Mathias said as he sat at the edge of the bed and looked at him. "I just worry, that's all, man."

"Don't man me," Lennon mumbled, feeling drowsy. "And I'm fine. You should get back to studying the codes or something."

Mathias snorted and the last thing he felt was Mathias brushing his hair out of his forehead. "I still wonder what's happening."

9. Lennon's sister's death

Lennon stared at the message he received on his tablet. He sat slowly on the bed, the tablet clattering on the floor harshly, silencing Mathias, who had been talking about something at his desk. Lennon felt his mind blanking as the words ran through his mind over and over.

He…couldn't believe it.

"Len?" Mathias said, his hand touching Lennon's shoulder. Lennon flinched and then, tears gathered in his eyes.

"God, she's gone," Lennon breathed out, the tears increasing in magnitude as they slid down his cheeks. Mathias looked confused before he bent down to pick the tablet and read the message. He then looked stricken himself as he stared at Lennon, the tablet tossed on the bed.

"Oh my god, Lennon," Mathias said and before Lennon could even say anything, Mathias had launched at him and hugged him tight. Lennon ended up sobbing against Mathias's shoulders, hugging him close and wondering why they were punishing him like this.

He had done everything they wanted.

They said they would keep her safe as long as he tried.

He knew they were sceptical about his relationship with his sister. He couldn't help it, it was his sister, he missed her, he was close to her. Now…now she's…gone.

"Died in the w—war," Lennon choked. "She died…Mathias, she died."

"I know," Mathias whispered against him, his own voice shaky. "I…I can't believe it either."

Lennon held Mathias tight the entire time, the tears wouldn't stop.

That was the first night Mathias had slept next to him and held him close.

The next morning, when he was called to the head office, all he got was how this was for his own good—how they had to do this because Lennon was failing. Focusing on…unnecessary things. He had tried to fight back but stopped when they pointed out he was lucky to still have Mathias next to him.

And he couldn't.

Not Mathias too.

That was the last time he ever cried or felt…properly.

10. What was StarGazer's real mission?

Zucons had been the first enemy and the most powerful enemy ever to be discovered and hostile to Earth since the beginning of space exploration. StarGazer's job was to enhance the exploration—and had nothing to do with the war with Zucons until a few years back when the HQ leader changed.

Then, it all went downhill and the Elite force was created, aimed to create superhuman soldiers that can finally annihilate Zucons for good. It was kept under AoC's radar due to insider work and the contracts that Elites were to sign, forced to sign, were to keep them from saying anything to anyone or they'll be annihilated themselves.

Lennon, Luis and Ginger were the last batch of Elite force and it was going to be shut down anyway; because these three carried the ultimate weapon; the sole reason why Elite force was created; and that was sacrificial super soldiers that could finally end the Zucon-Terra war.

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