Author's Note: This is a rewrite of my first story from certain site for Fanfiction. (Damn you Fictionpress for not letting me save the actual name)

Because I didn't think it was good...I dropped it for the past couple of years.

However, I was inspired to rewrite it into a more original tale, still inspired by fantasy games like Final Fantasy.

This was originally published in AO3, but now it's being cross-posted to Fictionpress! Replacing the now deleted Legendary Warrior's, as I wasn't feeling any sort of inspiration for that story.

But I promise that this will get the love and attention it deserves!

So I hope you enjoy it! And reviews are appreciated!

Let's raise the curtain to a new adventure!


The world of Gaia was made by the almighty God. Life would flourish in the lands he created, but they still needed something to govern them...

And so, he created many lesser gods to watch over the domains he gave them.

Yggdrasil is one of these domains.

It is named after the Tree of Life itself, because the continent is situated below it.

As such, Yggdrasil is the liveliest continent in existence. Only one part of the continent, the Malice Desert, is low on life. However, there's still one spot in the desert that is vibrant, the Fertile Circle.

The desert separates two lands, Eterna and Arum.

Arum shall be our focus, for now.

It is a Federation that houses many races.

The Humans of the Plains. Not remarkable, but capable of doing great things when they put the effort into it.

The Elves of the Forest. One with nature, and the most skilled with a sword. They are exceptionally beautiful.

The Dwarves of the Mountains. Though short, they are far stronger than most. Their crafting is the best of all.

The Nymphs of the Ocean. The most talented singers and dancers, with beauty that can rival an elf's.

The Angels and Dragoons of the Sky. Holy and vengeful. Peaceful and fierce. Polar opposites, yet they get along well.

And the wandering Cait Sith. Quiet, never staying for long. They are stronger than they look, yet the most agile.

For a time, the races on the earth held agendas against each other. Hatred fostered to the point of war.

However, this hatred caused an entirely new being to arise...

His name was Maladeus. A being born from the collective darkness in people's hearts.

He rose from the earth, bringing monsters with him. They began to wreak havoc throughout Arum, destroying villages and sending people into a panic.

It wasn't long before the Humans were overrun.

With the Castle Town being their last line of defense, they were at a loss for what to do...

The monsters eventually broke through, despite the efforts of the soldiers. It looked like all was lost...

Then the sound of many horns blowing from a distance made everyone freeze.

It was the other races, who had decided to work together to fight Maladeus's army.

With their combined efforts, the enemy was defeated. But Maladeus himself was another matter entirely.

No one, not even the Dwarves, could stand up to his power. He felled soldier after soldier, and his victory was close at hand.

But there were seven, one of each race, who wouldn't give up, no matter the cost. They fought on, despite the fact that they were about to die.

The gods were moved by their courage, and decided to give the heroes some of their power.

With their newfound strength, the heroes finally struck down Maladeus. But he was too strong to kill.

And so, the heroes sealed him and his monsters away, down into the deepest parts of Hell. With the war won, everyone was ecstatic, and threw parties to celebrate the victory.

Since then, the races down on the earth have negotiated with each other, and have been getting along quite well. The Federation of Arum has been at peace for many years, and it looks like it will continue to be.

But the gods know it's not over yet. Maladeus may one day wake up, and renew his efforts to destroy the land.

But when will that be? Not even the gods know...

All we can do is wait...and see what happens.