Once upon a time a seer from the land of Dragon prophesized about the Dragon child. It went as follows:

'A girl will be born to the royal family in the year xxxx. The girl will grow into a beautiful maiden of good mind, heart, and body. However, her greatest attribute will be her loyalty to the people. She will bring prosperity to the entire kingdom and save it from great peril. But beware, her life will be fraught with obstacles. '

Years Later the prophecy came true. A little girl was born to the King and Queen of the Dragon Kingdom; but she was not the only one. The king who had married the Queen as a result of a political marriage, had also conceived a baby with a mistress.

The babies were born the same year. The kingdom knew of both girls, but the little girl born to the mistress was not really considered royalty and was therefore unable to inherit the throne. Due to the nature of her birth she was scorned, her birth after all, was a sin.

The two little girls were named Princess Esmeralda and Lady Lyretta.