"Are you sure that is what you want to do?" The Marchioness was very unhappy after having read the letter. The shameless man who had abandoned her sister and his daughter, now suddenly wanted to take her little treasure? Over her dead body!

"Aunt, you know I have always wanted to meet my father. I have always wanted to see my esteemed half-sister." Lyretta explained her yearning and hoped her aunt would allow it.

"Please Aunt, this would be the first time I would get to meet my sister!" Lyretta ran over to her aunt, took her arm into her hands, and swung it back and forth, pleading like a child.

"Dear child, look at you! Already 17 and still acting half you age." Marchioness Alitia complained, but she did not take her arm from the young girl's grip.

"Very well child, let us go and see your father and sister." Marchioness Alitia pursed her lips and allowed the visit. It was better to get this over with now so her little treasure would stop placing those two people on a pedestal. Not to mention that she had raised her little treasure so secluded that she had barely had a chance to see the outside world, now that she was 17, it was time to change that.

"Really Aunt!" Lyretta exclaimed in happiness. Marchioness Alitia nodded her head.

"Yay! Thank you, Aunt." Lyretta was so terribly excited! She ran up to her aunt and gave her a big kiss on her cheek and twirled around in circles, clearly expressing how happy she was.

Marchioness Alitia may not like the King or the Princess, but she would make sure that they would not take away the smile on her little treasure's face. This little girl was the last remnant of her beloved sister, and it had been her sister's last wish that she take care of her daughter. She had given up having a family of her own for that, and she would not let anyone ruin all her effort!