For Me

There were so many things I wanted to say

That I wanted to do

For You

So many times I opened my heart and soul

Let my guard down

For You

I wanted nothing more than to appease you

I sacrificed myself

For You

Yet at the end I found you didn't want me

I wasn't enough

For You

You kept pushing me farther and farther away

Thought it was best

For you

I tried harder yet to gain your approval

To make myself known

For you

I became so tired, exhausted, all the time

Trying to be perfect

For You

But I have come to the grave realization

That I cannot be that

For you

I took it as a sign that I needed to leave

For it is what's best

For Me

I'll keep moving ever forward in life

To better myself

For Me

It's scary and I am quite honestly terrified

To find what's essential

For me

And I will never let myself be abused again

I deserve better

For Me

So erase me from your heart, and from your mind

That is what's needed

For Us

I bid you a bitter sweet farewell

I fear it'll be

For Ever.