"You know what?" Ten year old Tina announced upon looking up from her magazine and facing the other two girls in the room.

"What?" Jennifer asked in curiosity with crimped ponytail bobbing.

"Don't you ever get tired of being ugly? I think it's time we started making ourselves look sexy."

"You're not making sense at all." Poodle haired Melanie remarked with a roll of the eyes. "We're still little girls, puberty hasn't happened yet."

"Yeah, but we can get a headstart."

Tina then opened the cupboard underneath the television and took out one of her mother's workout tapes, holding it up in pride.

"It'll be easy. Jane Fonda will show us the way."

Pamela Lombardi came downstairs for a quick coffee and was rather surprised to hear the loud rhythmic music floating in from the living room.

There was no mistaking the source of the tune, so she went to investigate and laughed in amusement at the sight of three young girls halfheartedly attempting to imitate the athletic woman onscreen.

She decided to utter words of encouragement nevertheless, knowing that the clumsy stretches and kicks were perfect from a child's viewpoint.