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The previous night Lyretta had not slept. She had nodded off every so often, but quickly woke up because of the strangers in her hut. Today as her upper body laid in Gabe's arms, she sat on the horse very still. Before long the horse's gallop lulled her into a deep slumber.

Gabe wanted to get back to the palace quickly, but he slowed his horse down to a canter. He did not want his horse to move too abruptly and wake Lyretta.

He felt a deep-rooted compassion for her, and he truly wanted to look after her and giver her what she had lacked for so many years.

He might not be her family, he might not be the appropriate person, but he cared.

It seemed that was more than anyone had done for her in a long time.

He looked down at her blindfolded face and wished he had found her earlier and spared her the suffering she had already endured.

Slowly the horses moved. The two men were very quiet and before long one third of the return journey was over.

Lyretta felt as the horses slowed to a stop and as she was lifted into warm arms. She snuggled into them and breathed in the grassy scent from the persons chest.

So wonderful, she thought in passing.

Gabe allowed Aka to set up camp for the night, and he settled Lyretta down into a make shift bed. He covered her with an animal fur so she would not suffer from the night cold.

Gabe and Aka started a fire and divided night watch duties. One would sleep while the other guarded and then switch.

Aka took the first shift, and Gabe was to keep vigil for the second half of the night.

Lyretta slept right through dinner, and the division of guard duty. Perhaps she felt so safe she did not wish to interrupt her slumber. The blanket was very warm, and she had always been so cold before.

Her sleep became deeper as the night progressed. Gabe's shift arrived, and before he sat down to keep watch, he looked in on Lyretta.

She was still sleeping. His face broke into a small smile as he saw how relaxed she looked.

Her hand was hooked over her stomach and her face was turned to the side. She breathed in very quietly, and every so often her mouth would move, as if she was having a dream.

Gabe smiled and moved to sit on a large rock as he started his shift. He opened up a book and whiled away the night.

Hours later he heard several deep gasps, and he turned quickly toward Lyretta.

The girl had sat up abruptly, and her tiny hands covered her heaving chest. If he could see her eyes, he thought that perhaps they would be full of terror.

He tossed his book away, and he hurried to her side.

"What's wrong?" Gabe hovered over her very concerned.

Lyretta turned toward his voice, and she stood up. Her legs, visible under her ill fitting dress, were shaking violently from fear.

She felt around her until she found his chest, and then she threw her arms around his neck.

"Don't die!" Lyretta's voice was trembling as her hands shook behind Gabe's back. Her whole body looked like a shaking leaf.

Gabe was currently in a state of shock. Both because of the ludicrous words Lyretta had said, and also because she had been the first to reach out to him this time.

Very few people dared to mention death in front of members of the royal family, such unlucky words should not be said. However, knowing that she was likely a seer he could not discount her utterance.

He patted her back and picked her up into the crook of one of his arms.

"What do you mean?"

Lyretta trembled as she hung on to him.

"I saw- I saw masked men approach you and then... Then they killed you. You and the other man." Lyretta had seen Aka when she removed her blindfold briefly, but he had never come forward to introduce himself.

She had seen him though, and she had seen the same person in her dream. He had seen him dying as he desperately reached out toward Gabe who already lay still and pale.

She lowered her head and hid it on the crook of Gabe's neck as she tried to calm her terror.

She had never seen such horrible things before. This vision had been terrifying.