"You are a girl?" Prince Gabe looked at the figure, moving hid head up and down in a rapid motion. He was seriously trying to figure out how a girl could get into the condition this figure had gotten itself into.

From his corner Aka did the same thing.

Both men were truly shocked, disbelieving at the thought that in their peaceful kingdom there existed a girl that appeared as unfortunate as this one.

"E-eh?" Lyretta was little taken aback by their reaction. She hadn't seen herself in a long time, but she was a girl the last time she checked. Why was that so surprising?

"You really are!" Prince Gabe was enraged, Lyretta could hear it in his voice. From the other man's direction, she felt a cold aura.

This caused her to once again cower. She immediately formed herself into a ball and covered her head in fear.

She must have done something wrong, that is why these men were so angry!

Prince Gabe immediately realized his blunder. He looked at the small figure, shivering in front of him.

"No, no, don't do that." Gabe spoke very slowly and calmly, trying to draw Lyretta out of her shell. He reached out a hand and ever so slowly patted her back.

Lyretta's reaction was instantaneous. She stilled as if she had become a piece of wood and did not move again, all shivering ceased and her breathing became nonexistent.

Noticing her reaction, Gabe removed his hand and backed up a little. The whole situation became a waiting game again.

Leaving everything to his Prince, Aka left the hut and went to make some breakfast for the three of them. This seemed like it would be a long day.

Inside the hut Gabe looked at the girl in front of him with a worried pensive expression. What had been done to her to turn her into this shivering mess?

In truth Lyretta was very happy that someone had come so close to her, but she was so fearful she would blunder and accidentally reveal the strange ability she possessed. If she scared these people away, she would perhaps never again get another chance to meet anyone else.

Lyretta debated for a long time, but in the end the smell of food is what finally made her react.

Such a heavenly smell, she had not smelled something like that in such a long time.

She remembered from her youth, when her mother made food, smells like this would waft through the air, enticing her stomach and leaving her mouth watering.

She used to be such a glutton, now those feelings were revived. She had not had anything but gruel since she could remember.

Lyretta's lips trembled and she overcame her fear in favor of having a sumptuous meal.

"Meat?" That was all she said. Words that involuntarily escaped from her mouth.

Prince Gabe's lips twitched. He had been trying his best to figure out how to calm this girl and get her to open up, but meat was the answer?

Nothing he, a royal prince, said enticed this girl, but a simple piece of meat could?

Gabe decided that he was not at all upset and decided to think of it as the girl being too hungry to think clearly.

He chuckled.