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Lyretta blinked her eyes and in passing looked at the man in front of her. She stared for a long time. Gabe even started to get slightly uncomfortable, but he did not want to move, and thereby scare Lyretta.

Lyretta finally opened her chapped lips and addressed the man in front of her.

Her voice sounded far away as she spoke.

"The way to the plant you seek, is not far from here. You must follow the path outside this hut and after two miles you will arrive at the forest you seek. Once there you will see a rabbit, follow it. Its home is located by the plant you seek."

As soon as Lyretta finished her words the faraway look disappeared from her eyes and she immediately bound her eyes again.

Gabe looked at Aka and both shook their heads in bewilderment. Neither had told Lyretta where they were going. They had not even told her their real identities.

Lyretta said no more and moved back to sit by the meal she had been provided with. She slowly ate and expected that the two men would leave now that they had the answer to their question.

Lyretta was very unique for the simple reason that she could see things other people could not. Her father had died early and when her mother had learned of her ability she had hidden it as best she could. Before long, her childish innocence led the other villagers to realize she was not normal. She was forcefully taken from her mother and shut away. After that her mother had abandoned her and the hut had become her new abode.

With her ability, she was able to look at Gabe and answer what she thought was the most pressing question in his mind. In fact, she was having visions of possibilities of the future, but even she herself did not know what her ability truly was or the extent of it. All she knew for sure was that people usually became very afraid of her once they realized she had such a strange ability.

She had told the man what she had seen out of kindness, but she had put her blindfold on again immediately because in her heart she knew he would become afraid of her as a result, she was not courageous enough to see the fear appear in his eyes.

Gabe did not do as she expected, instead he again approached her very slowly.

"Lyretta, are you a seer?" He only a few feet in front of her as he quietly asked his question. He was very curious, if she was that would be most wonderful.

Lyretta did not answer as she did not even know what that was. To Gabe her silence was an acknowledgement, but while he found that very wonderful it also puzzled him.

"If that is the case, what are you doing here?" Gabe was very excited for her, but to the girl who could not see, it came across as anger.

Lyretta immediately cowered and remembered the terrible beating she had received the first time the villagers fear toward her ability reached its apex.

She had been so young at that time, by now it had become a deeply ingrained traumatic event. She covered her head with her hands and balled up on the ground. She shook and remained quiet, waiting to be hit.

Gabe was surprised by the reaction Lyretta had and looked at Aka completely bewildered.

"Lady Lyretta." Aka referred to Lyretta his tone much calmer than Prince Gabe's. Now that she was perceived as a seer her existence was different, and she was owed respect.

In the Kingdom of Rui, Seers also known as Oracles, were honored and sought after. Very few were born, but when they were the Royal family tended to take custody of them. It was hoped that by doing so they could be raised in an encouraging environment that would allow them to further develop their abilities. Currently there were only four other oracles and all of them were much older than Lyretta. Finding her was much more important than finding the plant.

Lyretta was a miracle.