A man made a choice. If he could, he would have left this letter behind for those he loved...

To the baby I will never know and the wife I leave behind too soon,

I'm sorry.

My words probably mean very little, at least they will do to you now. You'll be angry and you'll be upset.

I know.

I wish that you wouldn't be. I wish I could change that. But it isn't something I can influence anymore no matter how hard I wish.

One day I hope you'll learn to forgive me. I hope you'll understand how I saw no other option that the choice I boldly made.

But also I hope you'll never have to discover what truly happened that night. For I know it will hurt you so, Mea...

I know how it will hurt you to know that you couldn't do anything at the time. That you had no say in the course of the events to come.

But you must not blame yourself. You mustn't carry this load for it isn't yours to hold. I made the final decision and I knew likely the cost. I've paid the price in full.

Know though that I didn't regret anything I had in those last moments. My only, and obvious, regret is for the future I did not yet have. The chance to live out my, -nah- our, humble dream when it was just in our grasp. I sacrificed my future though to protect you two.

And if I had to do it again, I would do it gladly without a moment's grace.

Selfish as you may think me be, there simply is no future without the two of you. But, I hope, you can still make one without me.

All my everlasting love. For now and always. Xx

A/N: Cruel, yes, I am a little. Sorry but I'm not that sorry. Consider this a taste of a dish yet to come. But that is the one single hint I shall give away on this; the rest will be in due course in the form of the fiction in which it relates to.