The Love of My life

Author Note: Due to the lack of a good ending in Doki Doki Literature Club I am writing one out.

Kaito came out of his house, looking for Sayori. Sayori who was usually waiting for him did not show, Kaito worried knocked on the door….no response…he knocked again no response…he then walked in, not believing he is doing this do friends do this he thought? As he comes up to her room he knocks on the door no response, he opens and see's Sayori preparing a noose, she looks back at him, her eyes red with tears her pupils tiny. Kaito then rushes towards her and grabs the noose, Sayori is motionless then begins to cry heavily, Kaito hugs her tightly and she keeps crying.

Kaito rubs her back and kisses her cheek. She then looks at him and she sniffles, Kaito looks at her and says "What in the world made you try to…" Sayori looks away tears still going down her cheek, he wipes them away and she then spoke "It hurts when someone cares about me…I don't deserve you…its why I brought you into the club…i…don't…deserv-" her words are muffled by Kaito kissing her deeply, he rubs her back at the same time, Sayori's Eyes widen and tears roll down she thought in her head I…i…i…i…he could have hit me…slapped me…anything…because i….i wanted to… her thoughts stopped and she gave in and kissed him back crying happily as they both break the Kiss Kaito says "I care about you more than anything…we have been there for each other…i…I wasn't paying enough attention to you to realize…that…you had severe depression…and I will be here for you…from now on…I swear…."

She then hugs him tightly he hugs her back the same he then looks in her eyes "Come on let's get you something to eat…" she nods quietly and he helps her up and takes her down stairs and he makes her eggs and bacon. She is looking down at the table not saying anything to Kaito. Kaito walks over and sits at the table by her and he puts the food down, she slowly eats the food and gives a slight smile, she says under her breath "Thank you…Kaito…" Kaito smiles lovingly and nods and says "Why would you try to do this…". She gives a small look then says "Monika…she…she kept telling me I…I …I was worthless…that…I didn't deserve you or anyone…" Kaito looks at her and clenches his fist "We aren't going to literature club today…im going to go deal with Monika..." Sayori becoming more mad that Monika used her as a pawn began to feel sad again and her depression started to come on again, she looked at her fork and thoughts ran through her head do it…do it…do it… she then looked at Kaito and said in her head to herself I will never do it…get…out of my head…and never come back! Kaito realizing she was looking depressed came over and kiss her cheek saying "Don't worry I will be here for you as long as I can Sayori…" She smiled lightly and hugged him tightly "T-thank you…" she ate up the rest of her food slowly and stood up and grabbed her bag. Her and Kaito held hands on the way to school, they made it to school and they both walked in and Monika was smiling until she saw them and she said "W-what...y-your suppose to be dead!" Kaito angry yelled "You tried to kill her!? I'll punch your face in!" Monika then yelled back "I am the only one who is suppose to have you! No one else!" Kaito letting hsi anger get the better walked over and punched her in the cheek as hard as he can, Monika collapses and looks up at him she realized ehr mistake, kaito then attempted to punch her again had it not been for Sayori who grabbed his fist "Stop! Please.." he stopped and looked at her, and Monika stood up a few tears running down her face realizing she had made a huge mistake she looked at Sayori and said extremely sincerley "I...I'm sorry Sayori..." Sayori begins to cry and hugs her very tightly, Monika keeps crying and in her mind accepts she'll never get Kaito. Sayori looks at Kaito and Kaito sits down and looks at them both, they both are still crying and hugging eachother. Sayori then runs over to Kaito and Hugs him tightly and whispers in his ear "Thank You..."

The day ends with Sayori and Kaito walking home together and they actually talk a lot on the way home, Kaito then stops Sayori "Sayori would…you like to go out…? " Sayori blushes some and giggles and looks at him "I think you already know my answer Kaito…" She kisses him softly and smiles and holds his hand and they walk home together holding hands. The Next Day Sayori is waiting outside for Kaito, Kaito walks outside and smiles at Sayori they walk to school together and Kaito looks at Sayori and gives her a look "You have a piece of bread on your chin, he wipes it off her mouth and Sayori giggles. They keep walking and Sayori says putting her hands on her stomach "I'm hungry!" Kaito chuckles "Your always Hungry no matter what." Sayori and Kaito make it to school and they go the literature club they end up finding out that Monika had moved transferred to another school and that Sayori was named President of the Club. The Festival came around and they were able to get the attention of many students.

The weeks turn to Months, at the end of the semester Christmas break comes around. Kaito and Sayori see each other often on Christmas break, there relationship continued to grow even more, Christmas came along and they sat at the Christmas tree unwrapping presents, Kaito and Sayori tell stories of them growing and Sayori laughs the hardest when kaito tells her the story of when he and her put a frog in Mrs. Pains soup. Kaito smiles at Sayori "Im happy to have been your friend all these years Sayori…" Sayori blushes and smiles "Me to Kaito…" Sayori kisses his cheek lightly and smiles. Eventually Sayorii got to a small box, it was for Sayori, she opened it and there be a small black box and she opened it revealing a diamond ring, a tear ran down her cheek as she looked at Kaito and jumped on him and kisses him deeply screaming " YES!", Kaito hugged her tightly and smiles. The Day went on and they drove to Yuri's and Natsuki's houses. They congratulated them and agreed to come to there wedding when the day would come. Eventually they graduated school and in the summer of '18 They got married, With Natsuki as the Brides Maid and Kujo a friend of Kaito's was the Best Man and Jackona the Ring Bearer. Kaito and Sayori stood at the alter together as Kaito put the Ring on her finger and the Priest said "You may kiss the bride" and they kissed officially becoming Husband and Wife.

The Years pass and they eventually have 3 Kids 2 Girls one Boy; Aiko, Akari, and Akihiro. In the years following the kids grew up to teenagers and they had a relatively normal childhood. While in town they ran into Natsuki and Yuri who had also gone off and gotten married and had children. They then later in the day ran into Monika who had gotten married as well and was pregnant with her first child and when she saw Sayori she immediately teared up, as did Sayori and they hugged, Monika saying she was sorry and Sayori saying she had forgiven her a long time ago. Monika then smiles and looks at Kaito and there Children "You found the right man i know it" She s,miles and they hugged one last time before they all walked off. That night Sayori and Kaito are in bed together talking about the days events and Kaito kisses Sayori's forehead and says in her ear lightly "You are The Love of my Life Sayori..." Sayori smiles and kisses him as they both fall off to sleep together...

The End.

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