Hi guys, thank you for taking the time to read this story.

Hope you guys like the story, it's a little angsty, a little dark, and definitely a happy ending with some sprinkles of romance.

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Long ago when the world first began, Vampires were real.

The Vampires of the beginning were creatures with great strength and speed. They were creatures who were not fearful of the rays of the sun, nor were they creatures' dependent on the blood of the living. Indeed, blood was not a craving necessity, but rather an essential food taken when needed.

Eventually time played its course and Vampires divided into two groups. One group turned into something called a human, and the other became something called an Ancient.

The two groups were unique, but when humans were thrust back into their Vampire blood they became a weaker version of what they could have been. The strength of their blood thinned and they were referred to as turned Vampires, rather than born Vampires or Ancients.

Born Vampires also known as Ancients were the most powerful, because their powers were something Mother Earth had gifted them with. Not only were they very fast, not only did they not crave blood, but they even had special powers like glamour, which allowed them to mesmerize and change their perceived outer image. Their blood itself was a powerful thing as well. When a powerful Ancient used their blood powers they could oppress others, and even use it as a weapon.

Turned Vampires also had many powers, but they were not as strong. The turned humans would be fiercely dependent on their craving for blood, weak against the sun and not as powerful. Usually, they were also under the power of the Ancient who had turned them too.

Humans were the weakest version of Vampires and they had no powers, except for the power to adapt and reproduce in great numbers.

These became the classes of power, with Ancients at the top and humans at the bottom.

Only Ancients or extremely powerful Vampires have the ability to change humans into turned Vampires.

Though Vampires are very powerful, it should not be misunderstood; Humans became human by choice. Those who wished to be turned back into Vampires were few. Most of those who faced the write of exchange required to be turned, did so under the forceful hand of a powerful Vampire or Ancestor. Such a forced change was often met with much hatred from the human.

In fact, for those who were forced into turning, often they would turn to suicide. Those who had tasted the life of a human could not accept the wretched existence of a turned Vampire.

Suicide might even have been the fate of Ancient vampire Lyretta, had it not been for a single promise.

A promise lasting millennium.

Finally, the promise would be fulfilled.