"Elder Lyretta, it has been a long time."

The blond man made a greeting and took a small bow. Seeing this, Lyretta walked forward toward the large blood red chair, across the room.

She walked with a ghostly charm. Her steps were quiet and in her movements, there were no unneeded actions. She drew the eyes of the two men as walked by them. At no time did she look at them directly

She took a seat and faced the two men. Esmeralda stood behind the chair where her master now sat.

The two men now sat politely, no traces of their earlier ire on their faces.

Esmeralda looked at their polite facade. Truly her master was powerful, she could even force these proud men to act in such a way. It was almost as if earlier events had been a figment of her imagination.

Lyretta paid their fake politeness no mind. She would settle accounts later.

Although Lyretta was a Vampire who had been turned, because of her special blood circumstance she could be considered the same as a proper Ancient. She was also an Elder just like them, but she was beyond them.

As of this moment if the three Elders were to be compared, she was the most powerful amongst them. If she were to fight against the two she might still come out as the sole winner.

With such odds, the two men can only be respectful.

Though the two men could not see her face because of the veil, they knew that Lyretta was not pleased. Esmeralda was her close companion and these men had actually dared to try and harm her. Due to this fact, they quietly waited and did not dare speak first.

In fact, this was a wise choice. Under her veil her face showed just how livid she was. Even her blue eyes were lit with rarely seen rage.

"Why have you come." Lyretta asked in such a way that her question became a statement. She was not truly interested in knowing and was indirectly telling them to leave.

The blond man's mouth twitched. He was fighting with himself not show his anger, he remained quiet.

The second man who had until then remained in obscurity finally took the chance to speak.

"Elder Lyretta, we have come to ask you for a favor." Lyretta looked at the man, her face becoming darker under the vail.

This man was an even younger looking man, compared to the blond vampire. He had chestnut colored eyes and black shiny hair. He was slightly stockier and stood about the same height as the blond man.

"Elder Rui," she said referring to the blond man "and Elder Yami," she said referring to the black-haired man,"I cannot help you."

Without even hearing the favor these two were requesting, she had already turned them down.

To Lyretta whatever they wanted was unacceptable. Reawakened as an Ancient and known as an Elder, Lyretta actually despised Vampires, including herself.

She avoided contact with other Vampires as much as possible and left most day to day matters to Esmeralda. If not because Esmeralda had been hurt by the two men, she would not even have revealed herself. She would not have cared if the men had rotted in her waiting room.

Lyretta waived a pale hand impatiently, clearly signaling that she wanted them to leave.

"Elder Lyretta, you must hear us out. This matter greatly involves you." Elder Yami quickly interjected and caused Lyretta to pause. She put her hand down.

Such annoying men, she thought. It would probably be faster to either force them out, or hear their matter.

She was too lazy to deal with them just then, so she heard their request. She was dammed to a long life, an opportunity to destroy them would come later, surely.

Seeing that Lyretta had not asked them to leave again, Elder Rui quickly continued with their request.