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After a moment of silence, Lyretta finished processing Elder Yami's words.

Having heard such ridiculous words Lyretta decided she was beyond Livid. These stupid men wanted her to seduce a human man for the sake of the Vampire race... Could they be any more idiotic?

This is why she hated the vampires! They were always so selfish, so self-serving!

Elder Yami who had been very proud, now had slightly slumped his shoulders and looked slightly ashamed. If they did not have plans in mind for this woman and that King, they would not even bother to look for her to begin with.

She had so cleanly removed herself from Vampire matters that even finding her had taken them nearly two months.

Noticing her mistress' great anger, Esmeralda once again tried to escort the men away.

She moved forward with full intention to complete this task, even if she lost her life. She had always hated when her mistress was displeased, and this time these hateful men were wholly at fault.

Esmeralda was on the same wavelength as her mistress. She had similar thoughts 'these vampires only care about their own wellbeing' and ignored her mistress' own wishes.

However, before she had even taken two steps, Lyretta held out her hand and Esmeralda quickly paused her movements. Her mistress without even turning to look at the men questioned them.

"You are very brazen men. You must have prepared a great incentive to have come all the way to my home. Otherwise you would not have dared to request such a matter." Her voice had dropped to artic levels as she addressed the men. Once she stated this, Lyretta paused and waited for them to reply.

Though she was extremely angry at their request, she was slightly curious as to what could have persuaded them to think she might agree to help them.

The men noticed that she once again had not questioned them, but spoke as if disinterested, uncaring. They nonetheless explained themselves. Since Elder Yami had been the one to finally win her attention he continued to take the initiative.

"We are confident you will help us, Elder Lyretta, because we know where your beloved is." Elder Yami smiled slightly, just to the point his canines peaked out. He knew, now they had her. She would be unable to deny them.

He had been saving this trump card information for the very end. There was no one in the Vampire world that did not have at least some knowledge about how much Lyretta yearned for her beloved. He had hoped they would not have to use it this time...

Hearing this Lyretta's body stilled completely. All movement from her and even Esmeralda ceased. The two women stood next to each other still as carved statues. The two men also did not dare to move or say anything, eagerly awaiting her response. They knew she would not deny them, but it was better not to provide her reason to decide otherwise.

'Ha ha ha' Lyretta finally broke the silence with her laugh. She laughed for quite a while, her laughter full of mirth. She laughed until she doubled over.

The men, who had never heard her laugh, were transfixed. Such beautiful melodic laughter. It was a laugh no vampire or human should be able to possess.

She turned to look at them and began to approach them. She reached them very quickly and stood right before them.

Her laugh had sounded full of mirth, but she was not laughing out of joy or happiness, rather she was laughing at how little they treasured their lives. There were some things no one should speak of! Her beloved was one. If she found them to be lying... There were many ways to make someone suffer fates worse than death.

"You lie." She challenged them with her words and gave them one last chance to keep their lives for a later date. If they were truly lying they would not leave her home alive.

This time Elder Rui decided to reply to her challenge. He had intended to be smug, but he had felt a chill at her last words. Perhaps she was not as happy as she had seemed. He was careful with his next words.

"We truly have found him. We are very confident, would you miss this chance to see him?" Elder Rui was careful with his words, but he still held his head high. He had the upper hand, after all.

Lyretta Looked down and then walked to the blood red chair and once more sat down.

She thought that if the stupid vampire was so sure, there had to be some truth to the matter. If such was the case, she indeed could not miss the chance.

"What prove can you offer me?" She sat with her arms across her chest, and her legs extended out and crossed at the knees. It annoyed the other two vampires who had not been offered a seat. It felt like they were reporting to a superior.

What they did not know, was that if they were lying to her, Lyretta was already planning how to kill them; not only would she kill them but she planned to let them suffer for a few decades before she finally let them seek the peace of death.

This time Lyretta did not mask her feelings and her aura reflected them. The two Vampire elders feeling the murderous atmosphere, made to ready their defenses.

Elder Yami forced a small smile on his face and was about to reply to the first question Lyretta had made in their entire conversation. This was a clear sign that she was truly interested in their offer. But he was interrupted before he could do so.

"In fact, Elder Lyretta, we have no proof whatsoever. " Elder Rui, the more brazen of the two, beat Elder Yami to reply. His tone came out rather rude. He immediately realized his mistake.

Lyretta quickly lost her calm and once more activated the power of her Vampire blood with even more force.

Elder Yami adopted a somber expression as he fought against it, but Elder Rui plastered a smile on his face and quickly spoke again with a more respectful tone. He was weaker than Elder Yami, and Lyretta's power would be too much for him if she did not quickly retract it.

"But, we can promise that by the time you complete our request, you will know if the men we refer to is truly your beloved." Elder Rui looked at Elder Lyretta with the smile still plastered on his face.

Lyretta retracted her power.

Could these stupid men really be telling the truth? They knew she was more powerful then they... Would they purposely come to anger her, knowing she could easily kill them?

"I can see that you might need some time to consider our request, so please allow us to return tomorrow to hear your answer." Elder Yami then quickly took his leave as he was followed by Elder Rui.