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"Look at that Lady!" Two young palace maidens gossiped as they looked at a particularly beautiful woman who was walking past them.

What they saw was a very angelic looking woman. She had long silvery hair that swayed on her back after every step she took. Her quiet sea blue eyes stared gently and innocently at the scenery in front of her. Her body was very slim and delicate causing feelings of wanting to protect, even the two palace maidens felt in such a way!

The woman wore a pure white long-sleeved dress with thin gold jewelry dangling from her ears and neck. On her right hand rested a small paper parasol, which she held over her head in an effort to protect herself from the hot midday sun. She was the perfect picture of a frail angelic woman.

"She arrived only a few days ago, but she has already become the top topic of gossip within the palace" said one palace maid to the other.

"Why?" The other maid had been on a long assignment which had kept her out of the palace until that very day. Almost as soon as she returned one of the first things she heard about was of this beautiful woman.

"She has her first audience with the King tomorrow, but apparently she has come to seek asylum from our king." Said the first maid, a little proud that she knew more than her counterpart.

"Why is she looking for asylum?" The second maid was looking for a tidbit of juicy information, palace life after all, was very drab. These palace maidens lived for the shocking news and events that occurred every so often.

"I am unsure about that. Presently all that is for sure is that she is a Countess from a faraway kingdom, and she is someone who greatly loves flowers. It is said that she never strays too far from the gardens. " The two maids turned to look at the beautiful Countess, that by this time had already walked a far distance from them. They sighed once in envy before they lost sight of the beautiful woman.

Lyretta who was currently portraying the very Countess seeking asylum the maids had mentioned, paid no attention to the chittering women. She continued walking with a gentle and calm expression on her face, her sea blue eyes seemed to be only for the flowers.

Her eyes had always been the only feature her Glamour would not allow her to alter. Everything else about her was completely different from her actual looks.

The only reason she sought out the gardens on a daily basis was for her mission. Her target was well known as a frequenter of the palace gardens.

"Countess of Brion," a young boy, clearly a pageboy of some aristocrat, ran up to her and then knelt in front of Lyretta. He addressed her by her assumed name.

Seeing the young boy kneeling in front of her Lyretta quickly acknowledged him. He was wearing very fine clothes and she could guess where he hailed from.

"What is it child?" Lyretta waved her hand in an upward motion, allowing him to stand. She stood very straight and looked at him with a small smile.

The young boy looked at the woman in front of him and was slightly puzzled. The Lady could not possibly be older than 17 years, but she called him, who was nearly 15, a child? Regardless the pageboy could not afford to offend her and simply chose to relay the message he had been given.

"His Majesty would like to give you an audience." Lyretta looked at the pageboy with a slightly surprised expression, but inside she was smirking.

She then lowered her eyes and looked bashfully grateful. She had assumed the identity of someone desperately seeking asylum from a war-torn kingdom. Now that King Drake was so 'kind' as to see her earlier than scheduled, she could only act appropriately thankful.

She made sure the pageboy noticed this act, so he would later report how 'grateful' she was to his King. Every moment was important in building her image.

"Do show me the way." Lyretta quickly grabbed hold of her white skirt and in an eager voice urged to be shown to the King.

The boy upon hearing this moved to show the young woman the way to his King. He was more than happy to do this duty, as the 'Countess' had shown all the appropriate emotions and had even treated him to a sweet smile. Not to mention... she was very beautiful.

Lyretta followed the young boy and slowly calculated how the first meeting with this King Drake would play out.

She would make sure to leave a lasting impression.