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"Your Majesty," Began the pageboy as he once more took a kneeling position, this time to show deference for his king.

The young page boy kneeled in front of a tall and very good looking man. This man had a majestic air surrounding him. It was an air that he exuded effortlessly, no doubt this was the King of Roin.

"Your Majesty, I have brought the Countess of Brion as you have requested." The pageboy announced, and Lyretta took this as her cue to introduce herself.

"Greetings to your Majesty!" Due to her assumed status Lyretta did not have to kneel, but she did have to bow low. She placed her left hand above her right hand, which was already resting next to her slender waist. Then she delicately bowed her knees, one leg in front of the other.

"You may rise." King Drake watched her graceful actions and quickly gave her leave to rise by waving his elegant lightly tanned hand.

Lyretta stood slowly. She raised her eyes and looked right at King Drake's dark chocolate brown eyes. Lyretta pretended she had done this purely by accident and then quickly looked away.

Lyretta had thought she would have to feign a blush, but her face had turned delicately rosy without her having to even try...

Such a piercing yet gentle gaze, she thought.

It appeared that King Drake's gaze had truly embarrassed her!

Lyretta mentally shook herself, and used her natural reaction to her advantage, and even deepened the blush.

King Drake noticed her reaction and his attractive lips curled up. His thoughts were of how delicately female she was. What man did not like such a pure lady?

Lyretta with her face flaming continued her introduction.

"I thank your Majesty for your kindness in allowing me to seek refuge in your fair kingdom. " Lyretta took another bow to show how truly grateful she was, and made sure there was plenty of flattery in her speech.

Seeing her do that, King Drake quickly extended his elegant hand to help her rise from her bow.

"No need to be so polite, Countess of Brion." King Drake's words were polite, but his gaze showed his true feelings. He was staring at Lyretta very intently.

In fact, Lyretta had been very accurate with the image and personality she had chosen. King Drake was absolutely mesmerized with her!

He had never seen such a beautiful woman, such a perfect woman. He did not show on his face how completely enchanted he was, but by his very actions, even helping her to rise, Lyretta could easily figure out that her plan was already half way complete.

"Thank you, your Majesty." Lyretta responded, she did not look up again and took on an even more demurely embarrassed expression as her sea blue eyes looked down.

King Drake, thinking that everything she had done thus far was genuine, decided to invite her on a walk. He was so enchanted by her appearance and her behavior thus far, that he had an urge to get to know her better.

"Countess, would you be interested in taking a short walk with me? I have heard that you greatly love to visit the palace gardens, I too have the same hobby. I would be honored if you joined me to take a walk to see them today." He stood before Lyretta and waited for her response. He knew she would not refuse, especially when she was seeking asylum from him. What he did not know was that this request was exactly what Lyretta had been waiting for.

Lyretta looked up. She assumed a very happy expression and her lovely face bloomed into a captivating smile.

"I would be delighted to join you." Lyretta answered him after just a moment, she did not want to seem too eager after all.