Solophisis, dead and dreaming

Wasted lives, their voices screaming

Vindictive mass given strength by sin

Waiting quietly for the day of reckoning to begin.

Since time immemorial, in the far-flung past of our planet, there was a name spoken on alien tongues of the most obscure and ancient cults, tribes, and creeds. This name, which persists even now among the hidden peoples of the dark corners of the earth, belonged to an eternal cosmic power, the ultimate supreme deity in the religions of the hidden. This name was Solophisis, and it referred not to a true being, but to a complete lack of being. A great force, beyond any human notions of good or evil, an un-presence that dwells wherever things are not, the great empty nothingness from which the aberration that is existence was mutated - that is Solophisis. In the creation stories of all worldly religions, it is Solophisis alone who came before creation. Solophisis was the primordial chaos before Uranus in the beliefs of the ancient Greeks, it was the vast emptiness before God's grand design in the gospel of the Christians, and it is the ultimate fate of those who have abandoned the notion of any afterlife. Those who worship Solophisis worship the complete absence of meaning, of purpose. Unbound by any moral laws, they are free to do as they please, knowing that no matter what is done in life, they will not be judged for their actions upon their deaths, for upon their deaths, they will cease to be, and thus have ultimate security against any who would wish them harm. Death is the legacy of their lives, their ultimate destination. They fear not death, because when it comes for them, they will be oblivious to its cold touch, will not be conscious to experience permanent unconsciousness. These fanatics expend all of their energies in self-indulgence and unrestraint, the incarnations of ultimate freedom, and in turn, relinquish all that they have experienced when their time is up. We come from nothing, and to nothing we must return, so say the followers of great Solophisis. In the darkest reaches of the timeless Abyss, where no cross-universal information flows, empty Solophisis waits, waits for the day when days will end. Formless, matterless Solophisis cannot directly interact with the worlds, but is the progenitor of all things that exist only to destroy. Before man, when there were no preconceived notions of right or wrong, Solophisis was merely the void. But throughout human history, we have constantly looked for a scapegoat to blame our sufferings on, to curse the name of when in the deathros of our damned fates. From our subconscious desires to project our miseries and woes upon a recognizable face, unconscious Solophisis takes form in our visions and in our dreams. Whether Satan, or Iblis, or Cronus, or Yog-Sothoth, we all have a name for Solophisis. The forms of these cosmic creatures are as close as we can come to seeing Solophisis for what he truly is; and what he is, isn't. Among the celestial hierarchies of the fearless antibodies that correct any perceived flaws in the worlds, Solophisis is the only spoken word which can cultivate fear in the orderly Engels. The Engels, ruthless in their pruning of any beings that ought not to be, are in constant terror of an unnatural creature slipping under their radar, and unwittingly opening the door for great Solophisis with a forbidden power. Perfection, say the heavenly Engels. Respect for boundaries, for the limits of life. Creatures are to be born righteously, or not to be born at all. Because, though extreme in their methods, brutal and coldly logical in their extermination of life forms dubbed mistakes, it is the Engels constant surveillance that has kept Solophisis at bay throughout forgotten eons. And when the hierarchy falls, destruction will be met to all, believer and unbeliever, law-abiding citizen and criminal, saint and sinner, and their beliefs will be pointless once in the grave. The word "solipsism", which describes a state of mind in which nothing can be proven to exist aside from one's own mind, is taken from the name of great Solophisis. Existence is the dream of sleeping Solophisis, and when he awakens, that dream will end, and even the sacred mind, the only proof of existence to the lonely solipsist, will too cease to be.