A cold dark mist swirled through the endless void of infinity. The freshly born demiurge walked in the midst of the darkness, his footsteps failing to echo on the cold hardness of physical existence. Sophia his mother had only brought light into the darkness just a few moments ago and he dared not to gaze toward the purifying lights of life. In his ignorance he only gazed toward himself, the prince of darkness as the true ruler of light. Then the chief creator felt a first form of thought echo into his invisible mind. He turned to the gods and spoke to them saying, "Behold, I am God and there is none other before me!" his voice firmly echoing through the vast emptiness of space. The other gods turned to him in shock gazing upon his ghastly form. Sophia came walking up to him in sadness tears falling from her eyes "You are wrong Samuel" her voice trembling as she gazed into the now blasphemous eyes of her son. "If it be so then behold it before me!" he turned away from his mother. A loud tremble echoed around them and the universe started to open, the demiurge glanced up from his sleeve and watched as the sky opened and the great light exploded through. He flinched as he glanced into the light and saw something falling from it. From the Aeon of the light the pinecone fell, it spun as it fell through the air rushing through the clouds down towards the most innocent earth not yet violated by evil or darkness. Wind brushed through the seed as it opened up welcoming the moisture of the clouds then it fell into the dirt with a thud. Years and decades started to pass and the sands of time slowly buried it in the dirt. Rain fell and snow storms blasted but the humble seed lied snug in the dirt. Then finally at the end of the eleventh year a great strength came from the seed, it poked out from within it's casing and slowly pushed through the dirt. It could feel the warmth above it from within the cold soft ground and it pushed toward the warmth. Then it burst from the ground it's gentle leaves sprouting and reaching for the sun. The birds that had only just formed from the dust of the earth swirled to and fro above the mountains carrying the seeds that had been given by the great one and dropped them from their beaks all over the land. Swarms of birds thousands of wings all flapping against the clear blue sky and seeds rained down on the earth. The tree grew taller and taller and it's roots started to expand. The young tree searched and looked for any sign of life desperate to know that it wasn't the only thing in existence but it's leaves wilted as it realized it was alone amongst the grass that was now perking up from the earth dew covering each and every one of their leaves. The tree knew what it had to do so over a matter of years it proceeded to rise toward the light of the blazing sun and finally on the ends of it's branches pinecones started to grow. Hundreds of them, forming becoming heaver every day then they grew to heavy to stay on the branches and one by one they fell onto the ground slowly burying themselves beneath the dirt and sprouting from beneath. Each tree grew together becoming more and more firm, at first life seemed peaceful then their roots became tangled and each tree started fighting for water. The weak and the young died from thirst well the strong fought with every fiber of it's being to stay alive and that is when the drought hit. No water could be found anywhere in the forest. But the old tree that stood since the start gazing down at its children groaning and wilting at the sight. Then the children turned and started to branch together like a row of vines. Their roots cracked and splintered through the ground towards the father tree and started to attack it. They could smell the water inside it but the only way they could get it was by fighting their father. The father tree shook and cracked before its leaves wilted and the tree fell. The crash echoing through the forest and causing the birds to scatter in all directions the young trees feasted off the dampness of their father and they grew into hundreds of other trees that grew into a forest. Summer turned to fall and fall turned into winter and when spring had arrived the forest had forgotten about their father but instead grew in the ignorance of being their own gods. They had faith that they were immortal, they thought their rule would never end. But then the great drought returned and all it took was a single strike, and thus the seemingly imaginative world they had created came to an end.