I. The sudden passing of the recently crazed Doctor Johnathan Ricardo has had little effect on my family, all but me, as I enjoyed listening to the Doctor's mad ramblings. It reminded me of the fantasy stories he'd tell me in my youth and his years of sanity. However, since then he was diagnosed mad the time we have spent together has been relatively short.

Despite this, his mad ramblings managed to peak my interest to where it's constantly on my mind. I remember clearly of a time where I went to visit the Doctor after his diagnosing to listen to his mad ravings, while I was there he went from the usual rambling of his of pondering his own sanity to the point where I could have sworn he was speaking in random syllables, but the sounds made it seem like a language, and when I attempted to write it down I had ended up with "Fg'tavn dge esg't del del rh'g" This had fascinated me, what ever the Doctor was speaking of was pushing me into pursuing it, but to this time I haven't the faintest idea as to its meaning.

II. About two years prior to his diagnosing the Doctor held his great curiosity for the occult and estranged, due to this he was often far from home thus he never spent much time with his son, which lead the esteemed Doctor to run around the country and occasionally outside of the country to question those who are acclaimed witches and bokors in his quest for understanding

Once while traveling to Indiana to investigate and speak to a suspected voodoo witch, a middle-aged man probably in his 40's named Sam Hollow approached the doctor telling him of a cult worshiping a deity of unfathomable proportions. Hollow told the respected doctor that he was a practitioner of the cult, and wanted the doctor to come with him to Rhode Island to witness the cult as he told the doctor that if he was to come with him he would be given compensation. According to the word of the good doctor when he returned he had refused the offer although was heavily intrigued, but not wanting to pass up this chance the doctor listened to Hollow's tale of the cult. Ricardo never told me what the cultist had told him.

After the encounter with Sam Hollow, Ricardo had arrived at his destination in Indiana he told me that he had managed to meet with the voodoo witch who had been the one to tell him of the strange tongue that he had spoken, had I not found the manuscripts of the doctor's travel and encounter I'd be likely to still be thinking it was gibberish. Yet the witch had never given him the meaning of any of it, in fact she rarely spoke throughout the encounter, but some of the things that the witch had said the doctor had been able to transcribe later including "Cna'zg dh'l reh lyr'z deg rg," In both his recounting of the encounter to me and his manuscripts the doctor said that he had never learned its meaning. He made mention that before things went oddly that the witch had told him his curiosity would get him, and telling him to "Beware... Beware Fg'tavn." It seemed to me both at the time of his verbal recounting and upon reading his written transcripts of events, the doctor regrets what he did next.

The doctor had told me that he had begun to ask the witch as to what Fg'tavn was, and he told me that the witch had grown stoic and begun shewing him out forcefully shouting in the tongue however the doctor in his verbal retelling had claimed to have only picked up on a few words "Cna'zg... Fg'tavn... Kert'hua."

After that point, the doctor had never told me nor his son of what happened afterward seeming to always freeze up in terror at it. When he returned it was obvious that something had off-put him as his spirits had grown quite cold and for once it seemed as if his age was all at once caught up with him.

III. Despite the doctor's spiritual sense having been changed he generally remained the same person for about the first six months after his return from Indiana with his main difference being that he had all but pushed his studies out his way, becoming a much better father to his grown son and his aging wife. But upon the closing of the sixth month the doctor had suddenly begun to bury himself in his work and his physical appearance began to reflect his state of what I assumed to be insomnia, which was later confirmed to me by his wife in a private conversation, at this time the doctor had begun to grow paranoid distrusting his own assistant. Within a week's time of the start of this behavior, the doctor only trusted me and his college-aged son Wilbert. Doctor Ricardo's state had me worried and had begun to keep me up at night on how a good man like Ricardo could suddenly turn into paranoid insomnia ridden shell of a man in a matter of days.

This showed most clearly at the reading of his will, a mere week after his sudden passing, to which I was required to be present. Myself, Wilbert, and my father, the doctor's brother, were the only ones who needed to be present. Ricardo left his housing and others of his owned properties to my father while most of his other belongings were left to his son. But the strangest was what he left to me, his manuscripts of his travels and his studies, along with several diagrams.

Once the initial shock had worn off I begun to sift through the notes, and within the portfolio, there were diagrams of strange creatures that neither I nor Wilbert had seen before. The creature was a strange concoction of what seemed like jumbled characteristics, physically weak, low muscular density, it seemed extremely animalistic in nature and appearance but strangely, impossibly humanoid. Its face was shrewd and seemed expressionless yet focused on something, yet the strangest part of it all was writing on the page "Trw'h ph'jwrhf del ckm" The strangest in this writing was that it wasn't written by Ricardo, the style of handwriting, according to Wilbert, was neatly and calmly written while leaning on the left side of a human and Ricardo's writing was heavily right-handed and anything but neat and calm.

Whatever Ricardo had gotten himself into is beginning to weigh on my own psyche, in recent nights I've begun losing sleep. Whatever caused the death of Johnathan Ricardo, my the lord above have mercy on his soul.

IV. About six months prior to the doctor's estrangement, Ricardo grew reclusive barely exiting his house let alone his study to the point that the doctor's food would have to be brought to him by his son Wilbert, who had to drop out of college halfway to his doctorate to help his aging mother care for Ricardo, as Wilbert and I were the only people the doctor would let into his study. He had even fired his assistant about 8 months after his return from Indiana. Whenever I entered his study I could always see the effects of his insomnia taking its toll on his psyche and physical health.

Yet a month after his new behavior I once more had entered the doctor's study and what I saw thoroughly surprised to see the doctor appeared well rested as he then confirmed as he said to me that he slept better than he ever had before when he gazed upon It, fear had overtaken him until finally, he lost consciousness. He claimed he awoke the next morning feeling refreshed as if he had been asleep for days on end. When he gave me this as an explanation I couldn't wrap my head around, I wanted answers to the question I was wondering, so I began to ask things What was It? How did gazing at It suddenly fix his insomnia? How did he find It? Or did It find him? But he refused to answer to any of my questions only saying that he no longer wanted to speak of it for fear it would bring his previous behavior back and possibly his end.

It now pains me to think about how the good doctor might have still been here if my thirst to know wasn't *my* motivation to be around the doctor. Not even a fortnight later I had begun to pester the doctor with questions on his recent studies wanting, no needing to know more, and even then did I know that these questions were affecting the doctor's mental health. Despite that, I pushed on, I wanted to know, hell on earth did I want to know, but the doctor refused to tell. Instead, he pointed to a diagram of a humanoid yet animalistic creature with long teeth and large black voids of eyes. As he pointed at it he said he was busy with his own work and would rather not waste his time with my trivial questions. This infuriated me, his response just couldn't satisfy my curiosity so I began to question him once more. I wanted to know if that creature in the diagram was It, or Fg'tavn.

At that question though, the doctor fearful and startled, questioning me asking how I know that name. I reminded him that he told it during his time recounting his travels to Indiana. His facial expression went to that of utter terror, it even sent a chill down my back so viciously I thought something was actually crawling up my spine. Then out of nowhere, the doctor began to force me out of his study saying that it was for my own good, then he kept me away for the rest of his sane life, and despite how short-lived it was, I missed helping the doctor and learning of the occult and psychology from him. It hadn't taken long before I felt useless, purposeless. Soon after though Wilbert had begun to question me on the topics of his father's research as that wasn't Wilbert's field of study. So I told Wilbert of how to assist the doctor. In gratitude, Wilbert began to drop off books from the study, and they had managed to keep my mind off of the doctor's research. Then the doctor was declared mad.

Since then, Wilbert has returned to UnLond University of Scholars and Philosophers, and I now sift through the doctor's note and papers. We've agreed to work together to investigate whatever it was that drove the doctor to madness. Expect not to hear news of me for some time.

With that, I now end this letter. I will send news of our findings by the time 12 full moons have come to pass.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter,

Edgar Ricardo

P.S. If you are in need of contacting me, please write to Wilbert and he will give you my current mail address.