A/N: Right now my brains feel like fried eggs. The last few oxcodone pills haven't worn off yet, which is starting to bother me. I am currently unable to feel much, emotionally, and my head hurts. The latter is probably due to lack of oxygen (one of my least favorite side-effects). Being high is only fun for so long. Breaks are important.

Hopefully my hopped-up state hasn't affected the quality of my work...

Dearest, darlingest reader -

When you hear the word "junkie", what do you think of first? William S. Burroughs? Kurt Cobain? The current epidemic? Lifeless eyes? Scarred veins? Syringes in the carpet, powder everywhere? People stealing their Mama's china? Death by OD? Some Scottish fucker played by Ewan McGregor?

I wouldn't blame you, really. Stereotypes are often based on the truth. All of the things listed above are real (save for the Scottish fucker). We've all heard about it on the news and in songs. We've all read about it in books. Perhaps you've known someone - personally - whose life spiraled downwards. It happens all too often. Of course, functional users exist. People who don't steal or use needles or die early. Not everyone has a gang of criminal friends, either. Some people are actually nice. Normal. Sane. Also, addiction doesn't just magically happen right away. Certain sorts are likely to get hooked after one dose. Fine. Though some people can be hobbyists, casual users - the way slightly more legit persons are social drinkers. Stranger things have happened.

This is the story of a 'poppy hobbyist'. A girl with no future, no reason to live who became quite interested in narcotics. She could quit without much thought, even when there were still pills hidden in her bedside table. Though some things did trigger her (such as books like Naked Lunch, or films in which characters took morphine) she eventually learned to move on. The only serious problem she had because of the drugs? Why, her habit of telling people about her hobby.

Once, in fact, she loudly proclaimed that she was high in front of a policeman. This both confused and embarrassed her friend Leonard. It also alienated a number of people. Eventually she realized that her 'new favorite topic' was fucking up her social life. So, rather than frighten friends with talk of pills and powders, she decided to write it all down and post it on the internet for the whole world to see.

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