Bernadette found it hard on how she could find Scott's girlfriend before they met to find out why the clothes smell like perfume. This is the first time that this has happened to her, but she can't promise since why would she know it would happen again, even if it means Scott or from someone else. Barney would never do something like that to her.

She felt an itch coming on her left arm, so she did that. Bernadette wasn't having anymore ideas on how she could find Scott's girlfriend's name. She's not going to give up. Bernadette found Barney sitting at the kitchen table, doing a crossword puzzle. That's something that they both enjoy.


He looked around to find that she was on his right shoulder.

"Hi, Bernadette. You look like you have something on your mind," Barney told his sister.

He's the oldest between the two between them.

"You bet I do. Did you get in contact with Christina? That's what's on my mind."

"I called her, but Scott told me she wasn't around to be able to find time to talk with me. I don't know what else I can do until she calls me. I'll let you know what she says. How are you doing?"

"I haven't had any luck, either. Like what you just said, I don't know what I can do. Maybe you can have that department instead of me."

"I like that idea, Bernadette. I plan to continue to help you out with this mystery. I'm not that big of fan for mysteries, but I'll do this one time only unless you have something else you want me to do."

"I understand, Barney. If you have any ideas on how to help me with this girl is who has been having perfume on these clothes."

"I don't have any ideas for you at the moment, but you do the best you can on getting this thing done."

"If you have any new suggestions on what I can do to have any contact information from that other woman that's been with him."

Now it was his turn to itch, but this time it was on his hand instead of his arm like she did not too long ago. That's when the two of them heard the telephone ring.

"Do you want to answer or should I?" he asked.

"I don't mind doing it."

She walked over to answer the phone up from the receiver.

"Hi, Christina. Yes, he's here. He will be on in a minute."

"That for me?"

"Yes, it is. It's Christina. She probably got the message from Scott."

"Thanks, Bernadette. I'll take it from here."

He took the telephone away from her hand. Then she left so he could have some privacy to chat on the phone. He didn't bother seeing her leave the kitchen.

"Hi, Christina. Thanks for getting my message from Scott."

"No problem, Barney. All he told me was that you have on your mind that made you call me."

"I sure do. I'm helping Bernadette with something. This is why I called you."

"What is it this time? I'm going to listen on what you have to say."

"This phone call is about Scott, but Bernadette doesn't want to talk about it with him on this one."

"If this is about Scott, why don't you talk to him about this instead of me?"

"I didn't want to talk with him. He knows more than I do on this one. My question is this – did you know Scott has a few other girlfriends?"

"Yes, I do. He's been like this for quite a while."

"Okay. Bernadette has noticed that there is something strange going on, and we both think you're going to be the only person to know about this."

"Barney, I still want to believe that. You should ask him about him."

"I'll do my best on what we can do about this. I can't answer all of them."

"Bernadette has kept receiving a Christmas gift from Scott and it involves clothing like this."

"It's nice talking with you, Barney. I should remind you that we're ally not interested in each other."

"This isn't why I called to talk about it."

"Tell me more about this clothing thing that you've told me about."

Barney saw that Christina was not finally showing interest about his phone call, but wasn't too sure if she knew anything on this topic.

"Well, Bernadette gave me something to look at, and we're both getting confused and think really sounds interesting. What do you think?"

"Tell me more, Barney. I'm still not following you."

"What Bernadette found out on these clothes that Scott had been getting her for Christmas, we both saw the size really doesn't fit her. It's small, and she's actually a medium. Also we noticed they smelled like lilac perfume."

Now Christina was finally able to get the picture Scott had been doing.

"What do you think, Christina? Do you know how to answer this question?" he asked.

"All I can tell you that Scott has more girlfriends then just your sister. He has about ten of them by now."

"Bernadette wants to talk to that girl Scott has been seeing lately about the clothes and perfume. Do you know her name? I would like to give my sister that information."

"I don't keep track of Scott's girlfriends's names since that are too many of them to think of. What kind of clothes are you talking about? I need more ideas."

Barney told her.

"What do you think Bernadette should do? She sounds like that she doesn't want to keep them because of someone else has been wearing them."

"Well, as far as you know by now, I show a lot of interest in fashion."

"I haven't forgotten. I'll pass this news to Bernadette. I don't need to talk with him, thank you."

"I've got to go, Barney. If I learn something, I'll either call you or tell you in person. How does that sound?"

"It's a good plan. She still needs to talk with him about it some more. It was nice talk wit you again, Christina."

"Good – bye, Barney."

He put the phone back where he found it. Barney didn't pay much attention to what his younger sister had been doing, but told himself that she was probably upstairs in her room. So that's what Barney did. Barney knocked on the door. Bernadette answered immediately and he walked in.

"Did you find out anything? You've been on the phone for a long time."

"I know, but there is something I'd like to share with you."

"I'm curious as you are, Barney. I kinda figured that one out for myself when I found out right away. That gave me a pretty good idea where he was coming from."

"Now we're getting somewhere for sure, Sis. I'll keep helping you until we solve this one on our own."

"I have another question, though."

"Ask away."

"Did she tell you the name of the girl?"

"No, she doesn't keep track. This is a good start, but we're done for today."

"I agree, Barney. Like I said before, I'm not giving up," she said.