The next day, Alexandra awakened to the bright sunlight streaming through her windows. She groaned and pulled her pillow over her head. Then she remembered the day and what was to unfold and she dragged herself out of bed.

She walked to the bathroom for she was not one of those queens who relied on maids and servants to wake her, clean her up, or dress her. Instead, she preferred to do these things herself.

And so, we must prolong the events of the day for one chapter of this history of Alexandra and Athena Thomas and explain who they are and their status in the kingdom, for I'm sure many of you are rather confused. We shall not take long but an explanation must commence before we can go any further.

First, Alexandra Thomas. No, in better words: Her Majesty High Queen Alexandra Thomas of the Kingdom of Iliada. The title says it all. Alexandra was the High Queen of Iliada, a large kingdom west of Isosceles, an enemy kingdom of theirs, south of Yanotona, and north of Indel, an ally of theirs as well. To the east, there was nothing but barren desert and no one ever thought to cross those lands. For why should they, when they had such beautiful kingdoms with noble rulers and a non-corrupt government? In these kingdoms, everyone was happy. Nobody was too poor or too rich; most were generally equal, and those who tried to get out of this conformity were punished, but not too harshly. A death toll was never to be counted for everyone was healthy and happy in the pristine kingdoms. Yes, there were arguments from time to time but those were always cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Athena Thomas, or, as her real title is, Her Majesty Queen Athena Thomas of Iliada, was Alexandra's younger, but feisty sister. She and Alexandra had equal power when it came to making decisions for the kingdom and running the government. She was known more as the spirited one, always ready to do something that Alexandra generally gasped at. Alexandra wasn't delicate, but she didn't like to risk her life when it wasn't necessary and she couldn't wrap her brain around why anyone else would want to either. But Athena was a risk-taker, a daredevil, shall we say, and she was known for the wild things she did.

They ruled Iliada by default: their father and their grandfather had been the previous rulers, so it was their duty by means of birth and heir. Isosceles had always been the enemy of Iliada because of past arguments and dissonance among their practices towards Iliada. At one point in history, they had refused to send troops and Iliada had suffered a huge loss resulting from it.

Both Alexandra and Athena were committed members of the Daughters of Battle Wisdom. Battle Wisdom was a legend of her own time, her story and name being passed down decades after decades. And when her time was up, Alexandra and Athena were next in line, though both hoped that that responsibility wouldn't be given to them until much later.

Battle Wisdom was a warrior, of course, known for her agility and skill with a sword, spear, and bow and arrow set. She was the best female warrior that the kingdoms had ever seen and she was known for her quick feet and merciless attitude. She was not callous, but if someone dared to defy her, she would make it a quick kill. However, she would only ever kill true evil, and this made it very rare for a murder to occur, as was said before. The kingdoms were peaceful and war was a far-off thing in the people's eyes.

Though there was one: Battle Warrior. He was Battle Wisdom's opposite, arch-nemesis, shall we say, and he was the only one she could not defeat. The same went for him, try as they might to kill each other. But Battle Warrior was said to be scheming, plotting… he had a new plan and this was why the meeting had been called for the Daughters to discuss their own strategies. For Battle Wisdom knew it, the Daughters knew it, everyone but the people knew it, that the War to end all wars was fast-coming and both sides were frantically preparing.

Alexandra and Athena wished to avoid this war but seeing as it was impossible, they were grimly set to train and practice and plot. Being a Daughter and a Queen was difficult but Alexandra and Athena made do: they were strong and determined to follow through with all of their responsibilities and tasks.

And so on the morning of that fateful day of the Meeting with the Daughters, the two rulers got themselves ready, dressing in their armor and bringing along a few covert weapons, just in case. Meeting like this was a prime target for attack from the likes of Battle Warrior and his Sons, though Alexandra thought that he wouldn't stoop that low as to invade before giving them time to plan. He was at least a just man: his views were only slightly skewed.

And now, we have given a history of Alexandra and Athena Thomas.