Two young women laughed together as they ran around the gardens. Two girls just budding into women, played and laughed.

The years passed and these two would always be seen together, enjoying a game, a walk, a talk, anything else they could do together, they would.

On and on that was how they lived their lives, but soon the unavoidable occurred.

Both girls became women and before long one was married away.

The other watched on, tears in her eyes. Happiness? Sadness? It is unknown.

The first young lady was an esteemed princess. She was now sixteen years old. She had a very quiet beauty. Her head was covered by long black hair, a soft small curvy body, tanned skin, bright black eyes and an always present soft smile on her pink lips. That was Princess Lyretta.

The second girl was slightly older by a year and was known as one of the most beautiful women in the kingdom of Rui. She had doe blue eyes, long blonde hair, a very light skin color, a willow body shape and a laugh that sounded like bells tinkling. That was Lady Esmeralda.

Both women had known each other for their whole lives, no one was closer than these two women. So, when one married, it was a hard blow to their friendship.

Lady Esmeralda from childhood had been promised to Duke of Tazmain, the son of a ducal house with great power and influence. The duke was known to be very handsome. He had large green eyes with thick eyebrows that seemed to make him look somber at all times. His mouth was always a straight line even though it was composed of two very full lips, his face was thin and square. His hand and arms were long and his chest was wide. His skin was lightly tanned and he exuded the aura of a thoroughbred blue blood. He was overall a man no woman would say no to if they were asked to marry.

Lady Esmeralda and the Duke of Tazmain had been betrothed for 15 years and now that the Duke had reached his 19th birthday and she had reached her 17th birthday their marriage would be finalized.

The next day would be the last day the two girls would spend together. After that Lady Esmeralda would become Duchess Tazmain and would no longer be so readily accessible to even Princess Lyretta.