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"The groom, his Grace, Duke Tazmain enters!" By now the last stragglers had finished greeting my father and found their seats. As soon as the Duke's name was announced the entire church quieted down and watched as he walked slowly through the church door.

My eyes betrayed me as they misted over and refused to move from his enthralling face. The rumors were right, his full lips were set in a thin line.

His eyes did not betray his emotion, but their green color was so beautiful I could not move my own eyes away. I can't believe someone can have such a light, bright, and vivid eye color. How was that even possible!

His slightly tanned face and light brown hair made me think of the exquisitely beautiful pinecone flowers Esmeralda and I used to make in childhood.

I raised my hand to my heart, it had suddenly started to pound very quickly as I searched his face. This man was so attractive. I suppose that my stare was too strong because his eyes slowly traveled toward me and looked straight at me.

As soon as I saw his eyes turn to me I looked away and lowered my head. I sincerely hoped he had not seen my reddening face. My long hair is loose and I can feel it falling forward and shielding me from his eyes.

I do not dare look up again, fearing he is still looking at me. Luckily, I do not have to wait long before I hear the next announcement.

"The bride, Lady Esmeralda enters!" This time Esmeralda's name was announced and I looked up to take this new scene and engrave it into my heart.

Esmeralda's beautiful face was now covered by a light white veil, but a smile was clearly visible beneath it. She was still smiling radiantly, and as she saw the Duke I saw how her cheeks turned rosy and her doe blue eyes seemed to fill with happiness.

I turned to look at the Duke and I saw how his flat mouth curled slightly as he saw my dear friend coming toward him. When he reached out his hand and took hers into his...

The emotion I felt was strange. My heart no longer pounded, but I could feel my eyebrows involuntarily scrunch together as pain now bloomed within my chest.

I cannot believe how strange I am feeling today, but I don't understand these feelings.

I am so confused but right now is not a good time to explore these feelings.

Esmeralda looked toward me, her hand still in the Duke's wider hand. She smiled dazzlingly at me and I worked a smile onto my own face. No matter how I felt, I was determined not to ruin her special day.

Both she and the Duke turned toward my father, and my father began his speech to marry the two.

I heard every word and yet I cannot remember anything except for the very end.

"Do you, Duke Tazmain, given name Roan Sol, take Lady Esmeralda Rovin, as your wedded wife?" My father asked the Duke. This is the first time I have heard the Duke's name, and I begin to chant it in my head as I try to drown out his answer.

"I do." The Duke, Roan Sol, replied to my father with a deep voice that left a deep impression.

My hands began to shake as my father asked the same question of Esmeralda. My ears roared, but that did not drown out Esmeralda's words.

I did not want people to notice my shaking hands, so as he began to question Esmeralda, I balled my hands and hid them within the folds of my pink dress.

"Do you, Lady Esmeralda Rovin, take Duke Roan Sol of Tazmain as your wedded husband?" Tears filled my eyes as Esmeralda once more smiled happily, her eyes squinting in joy.

Esmeralda answered immediately.

"I do." Her quiet voice was followed by soft tinkling laugh, as if her joy could no longer be suppressed.

Hearing her words... there is no longer a need to explore my emotions...I know their meaning.

I could no longer hold my tears back, and I cried as I bit my lips, unwilling to release a sound.

At this moment, I am so glad Esmeralda is fully focused on her hus- the Duke, or she might know what I am thinking. She had always been better at reading me than even I was.

The wedding ended, and I cannot recall how I returned to the castle. I vaguely remember a servant had helped me to my room.