Note: This is a CreepyPasta and non of the following events are real. I'm aware the first version of this is on a fiction website, but I needed to make that clear. Non of the made up towns or names are real. I do include real Towns, Cities and Countries though. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave CONSTRUCTIVE AND NOT NASTY CRITISM.

Chapter 1

I used to love going to the circus. Until one summer. Me and my family would always look forward to our annual holiday in Tennessee. We were there one year visiting some of our now late relatives, as we did every year. They had planned a day out at their local faire grounds and they asked us to tag along, we stuck to it every year from then on. We loved it all so much, and that's when our annual circus trips came about. It was hard the first year without them, and by 'them', I mean my Grandparents. They had both died of lung cancer, due to their obsession with smoking 30 a day, around 3 months apart. Granddad had went first, after a few weeks in hospital and Nanna 3 months later in bed. He had got her into it. They were great people and they were greatly missed.

We soon became regulars at 'The Forest Fest', until we cut the trips off all together in summer 2016.

It was a beautiful Thursday morning in Orlando Florida, and after packing all our things, we began the 10 hour journey to Nashville Tennessee in Dad's small red car. The engine roared to life, I played my music in my headphones and breathed in the fresh air, as I rolled my window down. We were set for a lovely weekend away.

We stopped to grab a bite at a few rest stops on the way and eventually we settled into a small motel for the night.

We continued the remaining 35 minutes of the journey and grabbed some refreshments. We parked up and took our belongings into the on site hotel. We booked a few nights in 'Forest Hotel' and unpacked our items. We took an hour nap and got ready for an Afternoon of fun.

The Afternoon went smoothly and we couldn't wait for the next day. We ate and went to bed. We slept great and felt energized for today's activities, including swimming, circus festivities and games.

We spent an hour chatting to the locals and then got on with our day.

Me and Dad played 'hook a duck', 'water ball' and together on the bouncy castle. Mom got her face painted with intricate designs of glitter, swirls and plenty of colour. She posed for a few selfies and danced with me and Dad. Next we went and listened to a few of the performances and sang along to the songs we had got to know from coming here.

I clapped as Mom sang the high notes, effortlessly. She had always been a performer. She used to be an escape artist and a occasional singer.