Chapter 3

I hope everyone is liking this one, I've had a bad day at college, and for some reason its fuelled my writing. Comments and favs would be very appreciated. That last chapter was a bit heavy, but you were warned.

Me and Dad went back to the hotel, the receptionist nodded at us, 'News spreads quick around this small town, I'm sorry for your loss', she muttered.

I cried all evening, I cried all night. I felt so bad...I wish something could make it right. Dad didn't turn to me and he didn't speak, I cried in silence on my bed.

That was the last time we visited the circus, that would be the last time I ever went to a circus, I don't want to relive those memories.

Every spec of trust had left when she had climbed into that water tank. They could of chose anyone, but deep down I think my Mom has a bad name around this area. The clowns knew of her past, somehow and they wanted this trick to go wrong. I feel like they wanted to get back at her for something in her past. They made it impossible for even the most experienced of escape artists to escape from.

I've watched programmes with escape artists before and those clowns filled the water too quickly, she couldn't get a breath, a much needed deep breath, which could of saved her life. I am very confident that they tampered with the cuffs, she couldn't of escape, even if she tried. When Dad had knocked over the tank, it came free, the cuffs were attached into the ground.

I hope you enjoyed so far, it will get better. I'm thinking of getting crime and forensics involved in this one. As well as the main character who wishes to remain anonymous for now, will have a crime solving game of her own. I will tell you that she is a 16 year old, who is very involved in forensic science and crime.

Its now the Christmas holidays for me, so hopefully I upload frequently and also my other story. Thought I may delete that and write another. Please DM me your questions if anything isn't too clear. Keep in mind I'm a college student and I'm busy at times though, but I will try to answer soon as possible.