Within the cold bowels of school lies a soul filled with nothing but pent up frustration and stress. A soul blazed on the actions of hell's soldiers. A person like everybody else, an aim like no other kid in the class. This boy isn't the cream of the crop by the system of corruption's standards. Grades are proof of a student's credibility? If you believe that then you are as ignorant as each and every one of hell's soldiers. You see, hell to the common people is the wretched and dark realm where the unholy humans go after death. To this mystery, hell is school and bullies are it's soldiers. Holiness isn't contained within his box of beliefs but to many he is the guardian angel. The one wise pupil in a prison full of children. Children without manners or respect. Mentally he is older than the kids but physically he is the same age. This fact eats at his brain each and every day like a parasite but the wise words of "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" echoes around the universe of his mind to assure himself that a "powerful being" is the best way to describe himself. When bully scouts gaze in his direction, they feel a wet line of liquid travel down their leg. When bully scouts try to report back to base, transmission is lost. When bully scouts square up to the figure, they collapse worse than a fragile boy with a major seizure. They should've known better. This boy offers something to the demons that the teachers are handcuffed by. A fair punishment. A punishment that solves incidents and a punishment that hurts. A punishment with a chunk of deterence strapped tightly. Bullying incidents lower whilst his ability to punish rises. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" It's all he needs to repeat to himself and he is ready to transport hell's army back to boot camp. He is the saviour of the voiceless and protector of the good. He is the boy they call "Anti-Bully"