A/N: Interpret however you wish, but I just wrote this to recover from a breakup hahaha. Anyway, shout out to my ex who broke up with me recently "to figure things out alone" but at the same time constantly looking for another girl to love and hit on (and constantly tweeting about getting into a relationship soon, asking someone out, and hooking up with the closest cute girl he can find) after he just fucking left me. Lol. I hope that can help you figure things out, and you should've just been honest and said that you wanted to bang another girl instead of the cheesy "I need to let you go because I need to fix myself". I hope you read this. :))

Also, stay salty friends. :P


When I think of Jakarta

I remember you
seeing another girl
whom you will someday
Meet again. Over a year
from now, you will fly
back to Indonesia.
In their language,
Aku cinta camu
is the first phrase
you learn.

Today the news tells me
You are scheduled to come
home with the rain.
Once the road turns slippery
with your return, I remember
how the streets of Manila
ran dry of your presence.
Without you around,
everything is less alive
back here.

While in Jakarta
you are seeing her off
with every intention to return,
here I am thinking
how nice it would be
to kiss you,
to welcome you home
in the monsoon
of my arms,
for you to call me
your flooding refuge
in the coming typhoon.

But now that you're back
seeing me again,
the veins of Manila,
once teeming with floodwaters,
have cracked in the arrival
of summer: the time
when you have begun to thirst
for her voice instead.
Here you remember the girl
with whom you drank coffee

when you think of Jakarta