Pasted above the lavishly decorated door is a banner.

'Employee of the year award ceremony' is what the banner adevertises

Gathered in celebration are hundreds of employees from the Allen corporation as well as their families. Everyone Is dressed to the nines, trying to give their best impression, hoping to draw the attention of a single person.

Many came for the awards ceremony, but most came to have a glimpse of the famed heiress of the Allen group.

Clarissa Allen, only living descendent of the Allen group, set to inheret all Allen companies and fortunes within said corporation.

The large room once noisy and bustling immediately quiets down as an image of beauty beyond compare walks through the wide open door. A path clears as she walks forward to the front of the room. Behind her are several men and women each carrying an award of some sort.

Everyone sits tall and still, everyone is quiet, not wanting to miss a single word from the lady who just entered.

"To all my guests, welcome to the award ceremony for the employee of the year-" The woman gave a fifteen minute speech to welcome everyone and give an introduction to the awards. No one minded listening, nor did they dare to mind the lengthy speech. The woman's voice was too enticing for them to care.

Finally the woman closed her mouth and turned to the attendants by her side, and one by one called the name of the employees who had achieved merit. Each employee held the gold or silver award but the real crowning moment was when they were able to shake the beauty's hand.

Every single men and woman who received and award was an elite and yet in the face of the young woman they were practically oozing subordinance and subservience. Some were so awed by her beauty, elegance, and background that instead of shaking her hand they took it into theirs and treated it like a precious treasure.

The woman was used to such treatment and although she did not care for it, neither did she take measures against such behavior. So long as none of the employees went overboard she would put up with it for the sake of her companies.

From the crowd an old old woman, already stooped from age, stared at the girl who looked on at the people before her coldly.

A twisted smile snuck onto the old womans face and before the ceremony was even over she disappeared from her seat.

No one noticed how or when she departed, much less the object of her attention.