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Clarissa found her desired bike trail and simple enjoyed riding her bike for an hour or two. By the time she stopped she was deep into the surrounding forest of green. She sat down on a big rock and with a sandwich in one hand and proceeded to lay back take in the sun and relax.

Clarissa's eyes were clear of all stress, all worldly care, all problems were set aside for that moment in time.

After she finished munching on her sandwich she moved her bike to the side and spread out a nice blanket and sat on the bumpy dirt ground and proceeded to lay down as she took in the different relaxing smells of nature, the rays of the morning sun, and the sounds of the little birds and critters that circled around the dense forest.

Only in a place such as this could she truly let go of the cold persona she always used as a front in the outside world. Only in a place such as this could her teenage age really be seen. Only here she did not have to pretend to be strong and infallible, here she was not a woman at the apex of the world; instead she was a young woman of tender years who simply relaxed and forgot her worldly troubles.

Soon daylight turned to noon and she began to feel sleepy. She was so relaxed and in such an out the way area, that she gave in to her urge and fell asleep on her blanket with the sun lightly shining its rays on her.

The old woman appeared as soon as Clarissa fell into slumber.

This time she said nothing and simply looked at the girl her eyes pensive and her thoughts mysterious.

'ugh' the little girl held her stomach as she grunted in pain.

She had fallen on the hard ground and her face was scrunched in pain from the kick she had received.

"You are so useless. Master should never have picked you up. You don't have what it takes to be cultivate beside us. " A young girl dressed in dark robes laughed as she issued another kick.

The fallen girl looked up at the children that surrounded her and jeered at her.

"Pleae senior brothers and sisters, please stop this." The little girl pleaded and begged but the other children's hearts were not moved. They continued to hit and kick the girl who had been tossed aside by their master.

The girl had known this would be the result when her master turned his back to her, but even knowing it the pain the pain did not diminish any.

Soon the girl's face was swollen and her body was bruised.

The other children, disciples of the same Arachnid Sect, jeered and then left the girl behind.

To them the fallen girl was no longer fun now that she was so damaged. People of their caliber simply did not wish to deal with such a weak little worm.

Finally alone, the girl looked up into the sky with her limbs spread wide apart. The sunlight hit her directly and caused a soft glow to surround her. Her pale skin looked even paler, her bruises stood out even more, and her unshed tears glistened even more brightly the more the sun shone on her.

The halo of light seemed to intensify around her as two tears trailed down her swollen face.

'I'm sorry, Mother, Father, Elder Bother.' The little girl though of the people she had lost and still mourned. Her heart hurt as her breathing slowed and her body began to shut down.

Meanwhile, Clarissa who saw everything in her dream moved in her sleep. She was uncomfortable with what she was seeing and feeling. Everything that the little girl felt was transmitted to her and amplified by her own emotions. She did not know how the little girl lost her loved ones, but she had also lost those she was closest to and she understood what those tears really meant.

The hopelessness the little girl felt, she felt it too. The desire to live for herself and for her loved ones, she understood that too. More than anything she understood the overwhelming desire to seek justice for those she loved and the utter hopelessness the little girl felt at being unable to pursue that justice.