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Clarissa's eyes finally looked like she regained recognition only a few moments later.

This time she opened her eyes to find an old woman looking at her with surprised and gleaming eyes.

"Interesting." The old woman looked at Clarissa and lightly grinned at her.

"Wh- who are you?" Clarissa immediately thought of the people who had killed her parents and thought that assassins had been sent after her, but almost as soon as that idea passed through her mind she scrapped it. How could they send an old lady to be an assassin?

Clarissa stood up from her chair and looked at the grinning old lady very warily.

The old lady looked right back at her, but said nothing.

Seeing the old woman be so aloof she became angry. Who was this old woman to come and break into her home and even into her personal room, were the thoughts running through her mind.

The old woman cackled and walked toward Clarissa.

"Interesting." She did not reply to Clarissa and simply repeated her words again. "You will do." She said as she reached out and grabbed Clarissa by the neck.

Clarissa intended to move away from the old woman, but before she even had a chance her tender little neck was already securely in the old woman's feeble looking hands.

As the old woman tightened her hold Clarissa had more and more trouble breathing. Her mind was wholly concentrated on getting away from the old woman, but no matter what she did the old woman's hold just kept becoming stronger. Her own hands were slowly losing strength even as she clawed at the old woman's wrinkled hands, causing thin scratches which freely released drop after drop of blood.

The old woman noticed her bleeding hands but did nothing to stop the struggling girl, instead her old mouth spread into a smile marveling at the girl's feistiness. Her skin was very strong and difficult to cut through, but the girl's struggles were already very effective and even caused her a tiny spark of pain.

The room was quiet except for the little gasps escaping from Clarissa's mouth. Unfortunately, no matter how much she struggled it was for naught, soon she lost her footing and within but a few moments her struggles ceased.

As Clarissa's eyes lost the ability to see her surroundings her last thoughts were of resentment and surprise.

She resented those who were so blinded by greed that they would have sent Assassins to kill her family and now even her. Was money so important that those savage greedy pigs could not understand that there were things more important than money?

Her surprise stemmed from the unlikely killer in front of her. In Clarissa's empty eyes the old woman was clearly reflected. Even after she died she resolved she would never forget what this murderer looked like and if she was able to have another chance she would never again judge by appearance. Weak old ladies could kill just as much as strong muscular men.

'Gasp' the little girl in the bed gasped suddenly and opened her eyes only to immediately close them again and faint once more due to the sudden shock and pain she felt.