The Holidays

Though we all come from many places

Though we all come from many cultures

Though we all come from many a people

Though we all come from many religions

Though we may come in different colors

Though we may come in different sizes

And though we come in different shapes

Though we come as different sexes

Though we come to different conclusions

We are still one race

We are still one people

With many religions

But we are still just one

We are still all the same

We all have a brain

We all have a heart

We all have lungs

We all have a body

We all have a soul

We all have beliefs

We all have different opinions

And we all view things differently

The Christians would say "Merry Christmas"

The Jewish would say "Happy Hanukkah"

The Pagans would say "Happy Winter Solstice"

And others would say "Happy Holidays"

Though we are diverse

With the Holidays celebrated by many people

With different cultures and beliefs

We are still just one

But the Holidays have a knack for bringing diversity together

As a whole

Because together

We stand

And we celebrate Christmas

We celebrate Hanukkah

We celebrate the Winter Solstice

We celebrate the Holidays

And we do that all together

As one

And we all may celebrate it differently

And it may have a different meaning

But we still celebrate it together

We celebrate as one

We celebrate as a race

We celebrate as a religion or not

We celebrate as a tradition

We celebrate as a whole

We celebrate as a people

We celebrate together

And each year

The Holidays will bring us closer

So for now

We'll celebrate differently

We'll celebrate separately

So for now

We'll celebrate the Holidays together spiritually

And eventually

We'll celebrate together in body

Then we will be as one completely

Celebrating The Holidays together wholeheartedly

And the Holidays have a knack for bringing people together

For bringing them closer

So we will celebrate together

In body and in spirit

So Merry Christmas to all

Happy Hanukkah to all

Have a Happy Winter Solstice to all

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night

And a Happy New Year for the new year is upon us

Let it bring us happiness and joy and love and forgiveness

Let us celebrate together

The Holidays