Kimberly Hawkins finished decorating her house and Christmas tree a few days earlier because Christmas was coming up very shortly. She was staying with her parents for the holidays. Their names are Arthur and Grace. Unlike several families, Kimberly and her parents don't do traditions. It's just something they aren't interested in doing, which is okay.

She got to her mailbox early that snowy day. It was a blizzard, so there was no work and school. Kimberly had always liked winter. When she was younger, she had always loved to ski and play outside in the cold weather. She isn't the type of person who sits by the fire with a book. To tell the truth, she's an outdoor type of person. Even some of her friends like the outdoors also.

Kimberly opened her mailbox. She received mostly bills so far besides cards and packages. This week, she found a gift that was on her porch. It was wrapped when she found it. Kimberly looked at the wrapping paper when she closed the front door of her house. She looked to see if there was a name on who left this package here at her house.

Yes, she has a child of her own. She has a child whose name is Briana. Her daughter is only a toddler, so she's too young to remember anything yet. Kimberly had put Briana down for her nap before she went to collect the mail. This gift she found on the front porch didn't have any information that person who put this strange gift for her. There was a tag who had put her name on it, but not their name, which she found as odd.

It was only the twenty – third of December, and now she's already receiving strange gifts from someone who hadn't left her any contact information. This does look like a mystery, Kimberly told herself. She'd planned on showing this odd package to her folks and see what they have to say about this one. Kimberly decided to open that person's gift that he or she had dropped off just today.

She called up a friend of hers to share about this strange gift. Maybe her friend might have some ideas. The wrapping paper that was on this gift had the usual – Santa and his reindeer in the snow, so it wasn't anything new about it. You see that kind of wrapping paper all the time, she told herself. She listened to her friend's telephone ring.


"Hi, Sarah. I have something I want to share with you."

"What's that?"

Sarah's last name happens to be Webber. Sarah has another few friends and sees them often.

"I just found a strange present on my doorstep."

"A lot of people do that, Kimberly. That's nothing special."

"This looks like a mystery to me, Sarah. Mysteries can be fun once in a while, and I'm going to solve this one for sure."

"You still haven't said what that gift was."

"Sarah, I haven't even opened it yet. I'm going to tell my mom and dad about this one, but you're the first person to know about it."

"Really? Maybe some other of my friends might be interested in helping you besides myself."

"There's no need to share with them, Sarah, but you can if you want."

"Why don't you open the gift now, Kimberly? I know Christmas is only two days away from now, so I do happen to think this sounds like the perfect time to find out what's in that gift."

"I'm thinking the same thing, Sarah. I'll do it right now since you're the one who suggested it in the first place."

So Kimberly opened the gift as she put the phone down. Sarah listened to her open the wrapping paper.

"What is it, Kimberly? Anything interesting?"

Kimberly picked up the phone again so she could answer her friend's question.

"It's a bottle of liquid. That's odd because I didn't put it on my Christmas list this year."

"What color is the liquid?" Sarah asked.

"Orange. I'm not too crazy about that color, but it's okay once in a while. It came with a note too."

"This really sure is turning out to become a mystery. I don't mind helping you like I said before."

"Let me think about it, but thank you for offering."

"You haven't read to me on what that liquid's note says."

"I'm getting to that now, Sarah. Here's what it says – 'Hello, Kimberly. I was thinking of you this holiday season, so I thought you'd really appreciate something from me. I hope you'll like this bottle of liquid I just dropped off at your place. Please keep this in mind toy use in emergencies when you think of me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'll be back."

"Wow. Must be a secret admirer or something like that."

"I never thought of it, Sarah. You really do have a good brain. Sometimes it's better than my own."

"Don't say that, Kimberly. I don't think my brain is better than anyone's."

"I'll let you go now, Sarah. All I want to do right now is figure out who sent this."

"Keep me posted. I like a good mystery."

That's when Kimberly decided to disconnect this conversation. She's share this with Mom and Dad tomorrow night. It would really get them interested.

Note: Names came from generator. Sarah is from "Carolyn's Birthday" and "Elizabeth's Secret."