Over the weekend, Sarah called Kimberly. No, Kimberly wasn't with Grace and Arthur when her friend called.

"Hi, Sarah. How was your week?" asked Kimberly.

"It was good, thank you for asking. How is your search coming along so far?"

"It's still the same, Sarah. I read the note a zillion more times with the words 'in case of emergency.'"

"What about those words?"

Sarah was still interested in what Kimberly's thought was.

"Well, I kept reading those words. The handwriting looked a little familiar, but I really can't tell whose writing it belongs to. I'm also thinking of giving up on ideas to who wrote those words."

"I'm sorry I can't help out on any ideas or suggestions, Kimberly. Wish I could, but it looks to me that you're still on your own," Sarah told her.

"I know. My mom thinks I should let the police take over."

"Your mom came up with the perfect idea, and I happen to agree with her."

"Let me share another thing with you, Sarah. When I showed this note to Mom and Dad again, they were on my side about the handwriting. Dad did agree with me that the writing looked familiar. All he did say was he didn't remember who it belonged to."

"And you're telling me that you don't remember who the person was?"

"That's right, Sarah. I read those words a zillion times. I had the telephone book with me. I thought I'd try calling a few people to see if any of them knew who would want to use those words with perfume."

"So did you do it?"

"No, I didn't. That would be a lot of wasting my time if I did."

"That makes sense. I still do wish you luck, Kimberly."

"I've already decided to quit anyway."

"It was worth a try, though. Listen, I have to get off. I'm going to the movies with the girls soon. It was nice talking with you again, Kimberly."

"Same to you, Sarah. Hope we can see each other soon. Maybe I can meet Carolyn and Elizabeth you've been telling me about."

"I'm sure they would love that. They're friendly."

"That's good. Talk with you again soon."

Then that was the end of their conversation.

Once Sarah had hung up, Kimberly made another telephone call. This time it was to the police station. The sheriff answered the telephone. Yes, he was available to talk with her.

"Hi, Sheriff. This is Kimberly."

"Hello, Ms. Hawkins. What may I do for you?"

""I do have a job for you. This is why I called."

"What's the job now?"

"Well, it's hard to explain."

"Tell me your story and then I will decide if I can help you on this one," he told her.

"Okay, here's the story: I got a mysterious Christmas gift with a handwritten note."

"What did the note tell you?"

"It only said 'in case of emergency.' There was no explanation. I have looked at that note a zillion times. The handwriting did look a bit familiar, but I can't figure it out."

"What was the mysterious gift?"

"A bottle of orange perfume. I didn't put perfume on my Christmas list. That really surprised me when I found it on my front porch."

"Why don't you stop by today and I'll see what I can do about it?"

"Thank you, Sheriff. This really means a lot to me. I'll be over now."

He did reply. Kimberly did exactly what she'd told the sheriff.

It took Kimberly a while to head over to the police station. Kimberly decided not to bother telling Grace and Arthur that she went to the police station. She just didn't think there wasn't anything worth explaining anything. She's pretty sure that they would probably figure it out on their own. She was happy to see that the police station hadn't been busy when she found a parking spot.

Yes, she had the bottle of perfume with the note as well. Kimberly grabbed the items and then locked the door. She didn't see anyone coming and going while she made her way to the sheriff's desk. It wasn't that much crowded like Kimberly had thought it would.

"Hello, Ms. Hawkins. Would you like to have a seat?"

"No, thank you. I'm not staying long," Kimberly answered.

That's when he looked at the note with the perfume in her hands.

"So these are what you were telling me about over the telephone?"

"That's right. I happen to think this stranger is watching me so he would make sure I'm using the perfume. I'm not the type of woman who likes perfume and jewelry. I haven't even bothered to try any of the makeup."

"You look fine, Ms. Hawkins."

She has worked with t he police department several times during her cases, so they know her very well.

"You don't need to tell me what you find. All I want to do right now is to move on."

"I understand, Ms. Hawkins. I'll take it over from here," he said as he stood up and took the perfume out of her hands.

"I'll probably see you again soon, Sheriff."

That's when she left. Kimberly didn't bother to look back, so all she did was drive away.