The Melon Factory

Chapter 1

Year:3027..."This is Channel 5 News reporting live! All food is currently in the process of disappearing! Farmers are trying to stop this from happening, but scientists say that this will most likely fail, so in summary, the world is doomed" A C5N reporter explains...1 Year Later..."so basically all food has disappeared... EXECEPT for melons, yeah this is very bad..."

10 Years Later. Meet Noah Green, he has long bangs, just a little too close to his eyes, he was born just before the melon apocalypse.. "Man I was born at the wrong time" Noah Green explains. "Ooooooh, what's this?" Noah asks as he stumbles across 20 bags full of unknown items. He opens them in confusion. " oh, there are a lot of bricks in here". He sits down for a couple minutes, and wonders "Why would someone leave 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20! 20 bags of bricks out in the open?" Then he has a light bulb moment. " A Melon Factory!". He spends days just working on this square, then he finally finish's "Finally finished my melon factory!" "AHHHHHHHHHH!" An unknown voice screams "What was that?!" Noah says in fear and excitement, the screaming continues, but it seems to get louder and closer. Noah examines the terrain, scanning for any kind of life...It gets louder and louder and louder! And then Noah see's a man charging at him, holding a Sword. Then as he gets closer he stops and says, "Hi, my names John". It went silent. No one talked, no one moved. Noah tried keeping his mouth shut, but it was no use "THERES A GIANT MELON BEHIND YOU!" They jumped as high as a door. "no, no, " Jon screams. The melon had long thick arms, and its skin looked like watermelon, a giant melon face, an even bigger melon body, its arm reached out to them. "WHY IS IT SO BIG!?" Noah asks in fear, "I DON'T KNOW!" Jon explains as they run to safety. They get to the cube, which is located at the top right corner of the factory. "Okay, we are safe" Noah says, "For now..." Jon says "What do you mean?" Noah asks "Don't you know? Since the Melonater is attacking, The Jerrys will probably attack..." Jon Explains. "What are the Jerrys?!" Noah Asks in Fear "This is all so confusing!" "Hey! buddy, get used to it." Jon tells Noah. This all blew over very quickly. Then Noah hears a strange tapping sound, "Jon what are you doing?" Noah asks "Texting my mother on WhatsApp, The all new smart texting app, text anyone! Anywhere all with WhatsA-" "Okay, shut up, WhatsApp was invented like, 128 years ago, and how? There is no wifi!" Noah complains.

Meanwhile..."Now, how do I get into this melon factory?" An unusual villain explains, this unusual villains name is Stormy, he wants to get into The Melon Factory, if you can't already tell, he also thinks he knows who Jon and Noah is, I guess we are just going to find out…1 day later….."Hey, Jon what are you doing?" Noah asks "I'm adding to the Melon Factory" Jon responds "Why?"…Oh sorry to cut in, but I forgot to explain what the Melon Factory looks like, so it's like this giant square with a medium sized square in the middle, now you're an expert…"Because it's not perfect" Jon explains to Noah "Well, let's get to work!"….Later….Now the Melon Factory has an additional rectangle on the side "looks perfect" Jon explains "right, Noah? Noah, Noah?!" Jon asks as Noah is of in the new farm, "What are you doing?" Jon asks "I'm just planting some melon seeds" Noah said "cooooooooool" Jon responds "What do you want to do?" Noah asks "idk" Jon responds "wooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" Noah responds...Later…... "Oh, what have we got here?!" Stormy asks as he laughs mischievously "It seems like we have a giant ladder going up the wall.." Stormy explains "This will be helpful.."…The end of Chapter 1, Chapter 2 continues soon...