His breath was hot, clammy next to my neck. "Claire." His arms tightened and I sunk into his embrace.

My own voice was throaty, apprehensive in return. "I guess I'm not the only one who feels more than friendship then?"

He nudged his nose against the side of my neck, making me shiver. "God no, how could I not?"

Everything was so warm, his confession made my head spin in delight. "Adam, touch me...please."

"Claire...fuck. Are you sure?"

I pulled back out of his arms to look at him in the eye, "Adam, I've been sure for months now. I want you, I want this and us. It's been so hard to hide how I feel lately, and right now I am feeling so much all at once and I just...want you."

In lieu of a response, he leaned in, arms tight around my midsection and lightly pressed his lips against my own. It was warm, though slightly dry given the circumstances, and had me tingling. The light squeeze of calloused hands and his irises blown wide me feeling so strange and wanting.

Letting out a short sigh, I leaned in further wanting more of his touch and the wonderful blooming ache that came with his presence. I wanted him - in plain words. I wanted him to touch me, to take me like I know he'd be able to - a pure ache of want to have him between my thighs. Repositioning myself, I wormed my way fully into his lap, our bodies pressed flush together.

Adam broke our embrace for a moment and gazed warmly at me, his cheeks still red, eyes questioning. His hands moved to caress my cheeks once again, a softness that caused a sharp intake of breath on my part.

"I've wanted you for a year and a half now. To hold you like this, kiss you...Claire you have no idea what you do to me."

He leaned in again, hands clammy on my skin and kissed me. There was no hesitation this time, in the urgency of how his lips seemed to sink into my own, sucking lightly on my bottom lip before pulling back. I took in the shape of his cupids bow, the curvature of how his mouth looked when he was breathless. Feeling bold, I wiggled my hips to press our bodies together further. The friction was delightful, and sparks of pleasure reverberated from how our bodies were rubbing against each other.

Adam let out a faint groan in response, his mouth open in surprise, and it caused a pang of heat to run in a wave from inside me. My cheeks flared as I squeezed my thighs against his hips.

This was, this was happening. Holy shit. I'd pined for Adam for the past couple months and this was heaven. Well, I figured as close as you could get. I couldn't believe it, the past few hours had been so surreal. And not just from the weed.

I felt so damn hot. Our bodies moved in sync, a simple undulating movement that had the material of our jeans grazing my clit in such a pleasurable way. I don't know if it was the weed that had started all of this, the warmth emanating from my body and the throbbing of my pussy. Kissing once again with intensity, I could feel him harden underneath the denim that separated us. I could imagine what he looked like, cock flushed and full, straining against his boxers.

I hummed in the back of my throat, arms tightening around him. His hands were making pathways up and down my sides, then slowly trailing down my back and pressing under my t-shirt to rest his palms on my skin. He rocked his hips up harder, faster, his own arousal rubbing against me just right. He paused for a moment and I could feel his hands toying with the hem of my shirt.

"Ngh, Adam." My voice was hoarse like a chronic smoker, strained and needy as I broke our kiss, the wet sound popping between us.

I couldn't get enough, couldn't look into his dark eyes without feeling like I was going to crack. My hips continued to cant back and forth as he stilled, and I squeezed my thighs harder around his hips to urge him to move once again. My head was hazy, the air filled with heady lust.

Heart beating a mile a minute, I took a chance to glance at him and there was a question in his eyes still, but the warm grin on his plump lips had me melting.

He lifted the hem of my shirt, "May I?"

Nodding furiously, I whined with a lip between my teeth as he carefully peeled off my shirt. Adam paused after that, more reserved at the display of flesh and tucked some stray hairs behind my ear. He was intrigued at the skin he had uncovered, slowly running his fingers down my arms, then coming back up on the softer area of my stomach. I could sense the goosebumps arise, as he cautiously reached behind my back, pecking a soft kiss while he unhooked my bra.

There was a moment of self conscious need to cover my chest, but the fiery heat in Adam's eyes had me frozen, hands clenched across his back. The tension was thicker than earlier, I swore that the temperature had risen a few degrees since the sun had begun to set. Orange-yellow shadows were playing on our skin, shifting whenever we moved together.

I sucked in a nervous breath as Adam pulled farther back, his hands now pressed on my shoulder blades. I could feel the heat on my cheeks start to move as he let out a puff of anxious energy over my bare skin.

There was no room to say or do anything as he suddenly slotted his hands under my legs and gently urged me to lie on my back, him kneeling between my thighs. Though, we were still heavily leaning into one another and the shift in positions had my heart racing. He looked so serene, with the fading sunlight casting dark shadows on his face, eyes glassy & red but still focused intently on me. He splayed his hands over my denim covered legs, hands moving up and down, still so warm through the fabric.

Adam smiled, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth as he leaned over me further, hands dragging heavy over my legs until his thumbs dipped into the crevice of my jeans. I couldn't help but jolt slightly at the feeling mouth open wide - fuck this was too much. I was all keyed up and had to wait so patiently, after the months of agonizing over how I felt and the guilt that lingered in my bones.

"A little antsy, are we?"

His shit eating grin was toned down the moment I let out a low whine in want.


His cheeks were dusted pink, hair falling in his eyes as he continued to view me with shock. "Claire, fuck."

That bedroom voice was back: rough and on edge, the deep richness with which he spoke my name a lullaby in the ever darkening room. Adam sounded as wrecked as I felt, hot and needy. His hands slipped forward, fingers sliding up the bare expanse of my abdomen. I wiggled in response, breath hitching as imploring hands came to settle underneath my breasts. He carefully smoothed his palms over them, fingers catching slightly on my nipples.

The groan that left my mouth was the loud, louder than the radio playing in the background. The resounding sparks of touch made the heat in my bones increase - I felt like I was in the desert: mouth dry, body clammy and eager for more of the cool touch his hands allowed.

Adam continued to graze my nipples, each back and forth motion building up the warmth and wetness between my legs. I let out another breathy sigh, hands tensing against his comforter as his eyes lingered over my reaction to the curious caresses. He smiled softly, hair still faintly covering his eyes as he leaned forward, mouth hovering over my chest. The area was sensitive and responsive, hardened from the continuous stroking.

His lips latched onto the perked up bud, taught from the heat of his hands on my skin. He sucked for a moment, before his tongue flicked out and began to circle the sensitive area. I fisted my hands into to back of his shirt, enjoying the switch in our positions, him between my legs where I'd wanted him for so long.

Adam stilled and halted his ministrations to gaze at me. "God Claire, you need to stop with the dirty talk or I don't think I'm gonna make it."

"I said that out loud?"