Your skin was pale, porcelain,
Bulletproof, absorbed the pain,
Prone to guilt, and self hate,
When everything, you did was great,
You refused to believe, that that was true,
In your dark, the light couldn't seep in through.
But then one day, while I was out,
You took the drugs, and passed it out,
I got the call, then left the mall,
I rushed back home, to find them all:
Your dad, my mum, fox the dog,
My knees gave out, after my jog,
And everything, you said to me,
Finally sank in: "just let me be."
But in my tears, the world moved on,
No one did care, that you were gone,
I analyzed, then realized,
The world around me I despised,
You were right, and I was wrong,
That I was blind, for too long.
And I will join, join you now,
Somewhere down, underground,
We'll dance around, spin and meet,
Then we will walk, under their feet,
And we will talk, about the street,
Where I saw you the first time.
How you looked so perfect that one time,
Then after that, every time,
Among rocks a shining dime,
Enough my words could never rhyme,
Inside out I see beauty,
"Would you love me at forty
Years old?" (Yes I would)
I am silver and you're gold,
Here's a story never told,
I am shaking from the pain,
Nothing could ever keep me sane,
I have no one else to blame,
But the love that's not to claim
And the sick life that is game.