Your eyes speak suffer, but you don't agree.
You say what you aren't and what you are we see.
You hide your eyes behind your hair,
No hope, you cry: "nothing is fair."

Do you really want to disappear?
Do you even know what that means?
Or do you believe everything you hear,
And cry during funny scenes?

But your initials aren't silent letters,
And your mind on the wall from the books: scattered,
Your mom is sitting, scared, shattered,
Your dad is gone, but the flowers: watered.

Your family's great and perfect,
When people gather around,
Just so no one would suspect,
That they make all that sound.

Someone's good at making up apologies,
Someone always gets excused,
Someone's good at making up analogies,
The other one is screwed.

Your brother once fell down the stairs,
But you saw your mother push him,
You lost your mind but no one cares,
Your father, he's gone but call him.

That was really stupid, after all,
Your father didn't answer your call,
He pushed you away he's busy,
You called it war, it's dizzy.

Ever after oh dear joy,
What a happy ending!
Plane crashed, it's just a toy,
Regardless, save our landing.

Someone's amputated, someone's scared,
Someone's on the brink of madness,
The other one is dead.