A Beat Around The Ambush


"BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!" Came several loud bangs from outside.

"Ugggghhhh…" I moaned as I slept in my bed, trying to catch a few damn winks. This is why I usually don't drink.

"BABABAB!" More bangs went off.

At that point, I finally proceeded to wipe the sand out of my eyes and lift myself off my bed, wondering what on Earth was going on from the outside the truck. Once I slowly made my way across the container I decided to sleep in (don't ask), I grabbed the handle on one of the steel doors. I lifted it up with as much might I could've mustered as a man who felt he only slept for 3 hours until I heard a loud click. After the giant click, it was my que to give the door a slight push, opening it up, blaring a loud creek as the sunshine flashed before my eyes.

"Goddamnit…" I took one step on the very edge of the container's interior, "…What in the hell's goin on-" My eyes finally began to register the sight of three men in bulky, black, futuristic armor, looking straight-up like they were with California's military. They each held jet-black rifles complete with holographic sights and large magazines. Yeah, they meant business, and just had to interrupt my slumber.

"Holy!" I immediately pulled the door back towards me, shutting it closed.

"TINKTINKTINKTINKTINKTINK!" Constant dings went off from outside the door. Out of panic I took three steps back.

"Okay…" I muttered to myself, looking around for my revolver, "…Didn't see that coming. How am I supposed to get outta here!?"

In a complete hurry, I rushed over to my bed, which was stationed in front of several metal crates and one big rectangular case, crouching to get a look-see under it. And just below laid my Mateba. With no time, I quickly snatched it, checking the 6 chambers. Thankfully, it was fully loaded, so I headed back to the doors, cocking my weapon before I did anything. When I checked the handle, I saw that I didn't close it all the way, so, out of blind stupidity, I immediately kicked it open. "DONG!" The door ended up whacking one guy in the head, knocking his sorry ass down. As the man was down, I dropped down to the solid, paved road, aiming up at the two standing commandos, with only one rifle aimed at me. The other guy ran over to his KO'd friend.

"BANG!" Went my gun, sending the bullet right into the asshole's head, dropping him to the ground as a burst of crimson red exited the back.

"You son of a bitch!" Shouted a radio-like voice from the only dude that still stood, aiming his own gun right at me.

"PAPAPAPAPAP!" Came a stream of bullets flying in my direction. Luckily, I jumped to the side to avoid getting shot in the chest, or worse: My pretty face.

"Damn!" I shouted, taking cover behind the other side of a rusted, thrashed car right next to the road, specifically the trunk. As I took cover, another burst of gunfire went off toward me, filling the doors with more holes than um…uhh…a roll of bubble wrap after being played with for several hours? Hey, it's fun. Anyway, as the sole guy was busy trying to kill me, I continued to stay behind the car, not wanting to die like any other human being. As I stayed crouched, I begun to look around the current area, which was surrounded by an infinite mass of sand, with no mountains. It was just the truck, a couple military-grade vehicles, a couple of commandos, a bunch of corpses consisting of both them and the convoy, and me.

Since there was no way out, unless I wanted to traverse across said infinite mass of sand, I decided to man up and take on the final commando. As the constant rivers of bullets stopped coming at me, I immediately rose from the ashes, raising my revolver at the very man who wanted me in Heaven (or Hell).

"BANG!" I fired one bullet at him.

"GAGH!" Gagged the combatant as my own bullet drilled a hole in his chest. I wasn't sure if it killed him but one thing was for sure: I didn't give a damn. As long as he let me get a chance to leave, I would've happily spared him in return.

As the three soldier-boys were dealt with, I didn't wanna stick around to get shot at myself. With an absolute burst of adrenaline, I rushed my way toward one of the armored IMVs parked behind the truck. As I entered the driver's seat of the vehicle, the first thing I checked inside was the steering wheel, which the ignition placed right next to it thankfully had the keys still inside. Why a military-looking vehicle had keys is beyond me, but I wasn't concerned about that at the moment. What my top priority was getting the hell out of there and warn my boss about the ordeal. With my new objective in mind, I turned the ignition, activating the vehicle.

"VROOM! VROOM!" The IMV roared like a dinosaur, "SCRRRRRRR!" I turned it around, heading off to find a pit stop in that God-forsaken wasteland, and what made things worse was that I was literally in it, on the very border of the region to be precise. I had hoped my boss was willing to send a chopper because there still had to have been raiders waiting at the edge, ready to loot from crazed travelers hoping to do something wild in a place with no laws. I'm confident those folks and I had another thing coming…