Chapter 0 - Fang

Yasri, codenamed "Fang", was standing on top of a building, the wind in her white hair, and her scythe was held loosely within her hand, ready at any moment to strike her target. She is an assassin; born and bled for it. She is one thousand and seven hundred years old. She's been an assassin for a very long time. She and her twin brother, Senri, aka "Jewell", are the only ones left alive in their vampire family of assassins. You want to get rid of assassins? No problem; if you're willing to sacrifice yourself to do so, and destroy everything you ever worked to achieve in your miserable life. But ridding the world of bloodsuckers known as vampires? A piece of cake; especially if you block all exits and escape routes and light the place on fire. Of course, humans can die that way, too. I guess some people aren't that smart to begin with, but now, seventeen years later, and a death way overdue, the twins await their chance for revenge.

There's just one problem. The old man who hired them, the great Lord Kashiwazaki, forbade them from killing the guy who destroyed both their lives and murdered their families. Albeit, the twins come from a long line of murderers for hire, and the old man's family is the cause of many sufferings and death. So why should this guy be any different? After all, he only did what he was hired to do. For the money. His wife was very sick and they never had much money to begin with and he had tons of hospital bills and treatments to pay for. He didn't know what to do. So why is he any different? They're all murderers and none deserve to live, not after all they've done and the people who suffered because of the missions and avarice of mankind.

Gripping the handle, she jumped off the building, spread-eagle-wise. She was falling. Yasri closed her eyes, she could feel the wind supporting her, going through her. This feeling, she thought, what is this feeling? Oh, that's right. This feeling is freedom. This feeling is intoxicating. I love this feeling. I feel so… Alive. At that moment, several meters still above the ground, her form started to change. Every inch of her broke and reassembled itself into a different type of creature, a creature with great wings several more inches longer than her actual arms. Feathers started growing, colors of black and white covered her from head to toe. She transformed into a giant raven. Ravens are normally black but she's not a normal raven. The tips of her wings are white, pure white, like snow. Her underbelly is also white but it has a light brownish-blue around the edges, hardly noticeable.

Her target was now insight. Jonathan Daniels. He was hurrying into the hotel. It was a big building painted blue on the outside and white and gold on the inside. Before he was able to make it in, Yasri's talons grabbed him by the shoulders and started lifting him upwards. Almost there, she thought, rising higher up in the sky. Her goal was to make it back to the top of the building. Where Senri, her twin, awaited her return and to take this bastard back to the Kashiwazaki residence. Her wings thrust them up higher each time. The man is struggling, screaming for her to let him go. He'd do anything, he says. Anything. Just let him go.

Grimacing, she barked, "Shut up!" in human language. In English, because the man was clearly American. This freaked him out even more and he kept struggling. He even went so far as to try and bite her. His mouth could not reach her clawed foot or ankle. So he took his pocket knife out and sliced her ankle. Dark blood oozed out. She let out an enraged cawing and she dropped him. Shaking the pain out and ruffling her feathers, she dived back down for him, her wound already healed by the time she caught him in her talons again. This time, she dug them deeper within his shoulders, causing him pain which he's never felt before. Taking pleasure in hurting her enemy, she continued onwards to their destination.

She dropped him onto the concrete of the roof. He landed with a loud "oof". He didn't get back up or even tried to run. He must have realized he was in a hopeless predicament and he sat there slumped, silently weeping and ready for the final blow.

Instead, he wakes in a darkened room. His wounds were dressed and blood was slowly seeping through. The sky was lightening up and he could tell it's almost seven in the morning. Since it's the Summer season, in about five hours and the Sun would be at its apex and scorching the outsiders. He walked impatiently back and forth in his room, waiting for an answer to come to him. He was sure he was done for. He was positive. He patted himself down to make sure he felt real to himself and in checking that all body parts were there, including his important man bits, he checked the doorknob. No surprise. It's locked. Dammit! He thought. He banged on the door with his fists, alerting that he was awake and wants out. Not wanting to exhaust himself so early, he layed back down onto the bed. He fell asleep and was later awakened again to a soft knocking on the red wood door.

"Breakfast," replied a young girl's' voice. She unlocked the door and slid the tray inside, along with a bag of clothes and other essentials. The door closed before he was able to reach it. He barely caught a glimpse of her but he noticed she was wearing a blue maid's outfit and her black hair was in pigtails. That's all he could see of her. And she was pale, very pale, like she's never seen the sun before.

He checked out the food and was glad to see that it was just a normal breakfast. Three eggs, two pieces of toast, a piece of sausage and crispy bacon. A cup of orange juice. It was all delicious. Very delicious. He was quite surprised. He never expected this type of treatment as a prisoner. Yes, a prisoner. I'm a prisoner, he thought. I must not forget that. Whatever kind of people they are, they are my enemies. I must not let myself forget that! Ugh, he sighed. He fell back onto the bed, the soft, soft bed… "My eyes are getting heavy… Why are my eyes so heavy…?" he whispered. He was knocked out almost instantly.

Two halls over, Yasri and Senri were meeting with the old man Kashiwazaki. He was giving them their reward for the capturing of Jonathan Daniels, alive. "I know that must not have been easy for you," he began. "Considering you're a hired killer and all. Not to mention what this man did to both our families. Because of that though, I want to get to the bottom of it, of who paid him to kill my beloved daughter and granddaughter and your entire family. We're the same, you two and I, we both lost our families and have caused great suffering to people around us. I am deeply sorry for your loss but I will take it from here. My butler will give you your reward as you leave. You may go now." The old man Kashiwazaki left the room.

The butler silently handed them the reward. A briefcase with two hundred million in cash. The twins left without a word nor sound. They were simply just gone. Vanished.