This is my first one-shot. Have fun!

It was 9 AM right now. In a luxurious hotel room, Seira was watching his favorite show. In fact, he never missed any of it's episodes.

"Hahahahaha!" he laughed unstoppingly.

Suddenly, his smartphone started ringing. He then looked at his smartphone "l haven't receiving any calls in this week" Seira said slowly.

Seira then grabbed his smartphone and answered. "Namaste? "

"Hey sir, you just ordered a dozen of cheese and pepperoni pizzas"

"I don't remember that I'm ordering pizzas"

"But you already pay it"

"Pay it? But I don't remember I'm spend-"

Seira heard about 3 people laughing slowly. His face then started looking very upset.

"Looks like they are planning to trick me. But they are actually messed with wrong person"

"Yeah, I'm forgot about that but can you give your home address? "


"Like this, you bring the pizzas to your house and I will take it from your house since there are a lot of snakes along the road to my house and I will go to your house with my private helicopter. I am businessman after all. If you allow, I will give you iPhone 10" (Just pretend that iPhone 10 is exist)

"What!? Are you sure? "

Seira was amused that the caller believe what he says unsuspectingly.

"Yeah. I know you really wanted iPhone 10"

O-okay, my house is numbered 456, 27th Porclay Street"

"Okay thank you and have a nice day"

(At the caller's house)

"I never thought that he will give iPhone 10 to us" said the caller, a smirk was formed on his face.

The second person said to the caller "Yeah, and he foolishly want coming to our house without thinking you have tricked him"

The third person said excitedly "I think you are the best prank caller ever, Matt"

Unknown to them, a missile was coming to the caller's house unexpectedly. BOOM! A loud explosion was heard. The caller's house was destroyed to ashes just in a few seconds . The caller and his friends just watching the ashes surrounding them.

"Ugh, I think I should gave him a fake home address" Suddenly, the caller's smartphone ringing.


"Hahahahahaha, Your house just been destroyed, is it? "


"If your want your house crumbled to pieces again then feel free to prank calling me again. Hahahaha" The caller's smartphone then fall from his hand. "Oh my God" the caller then started crying.

Meanwhile, Seira cackled maniacally. Because of that, no one dares anymore to prank calling Seira ever again

The End

Author's notes:

1. I'm done with my first one-shot. Another one-shots will follow soon. Bye!

2. Namaste is Hindi word for hello.